Name Description Size
asn1cmn.c 7451
challcli.c Just so that when we do go to loser, I won't have to set it again. 7412
cmmf.h These are the functions exported by the security library for implementing Certificate Management Message Formats (CMMF). This API is designed against July 1998 CMMF draft. Please read this draft before trying to use this API in an application that use CMMF. 43207
cmmfasn1.c 4308
cmmfchal.c XXXX Now I have to encrypt encodedRandStr and stash it away. 9299
cmmfi.h These are the definitions needed by the library internally to implement CMMF. Most of these will be helper utilities for manipulating internal data strucures. 3591
cmmfit.h All fields marked by a PKIStausInfo in comments is an integer with the following possible values. Integer Value Meaning ------------- ------- 0 granted- got exactly what you asked for. 1 grantedWithMods-got something like what you asked for;requester is responsible for ascertainging the differences. 2 rejection-you don't get what you asked for; more information elsewhere in the message 3 waiting-the request body part has not yet been processed, expect to hear more later. 4 revocationWarning-this message contains a warning that a revocation is imminent. 5 revocationNotification-notification that a revocation has occurred. 6 keyUpdateWarning-update already done for the oldCertId specified in FullCertTemplate. 3290
cmmfrec.c This file will implement the functions related to key recovery in CMMF 10424
cmmfresp.c This file will contain all routines dealing with creating a CMMFCertRepContent structure through Create/Set functions. 7870
cmmft.h These are the enumerations used to distinguish between the different choices available for the CMMFCertOrEncCert structure. 2303
crmf.gyp 982
crmf.h FUNCTION: CRMF_EncodeCertReqMsg INPUTS: inCertReqMsg The Certificate Request Message to be encoded. fn A Callback function that the ASN1 encoder calls whenever the encoder wants to write out some DER encoded bytes. arg An opaque pointer that gets passed to the function fn OUTPUT: The function fn will be called multiple times. Look at the comments in crmft.h where the CRMFEncoderOutputCallback type is defined for information on proper behavior of the function fn. RETURN: SECSuccess if encoding was successful. Any other return value indicates an error occurred during encoding. 64432
crmfcont.c 34895
crmfdec.c Just set up the structure so that the message structure looks like one that was created using the API 10008
crmfenc.c 1426
crmffut.h These functions to be implemented in the future if the features which these functions would implement wind up being needed. 13218
crmfget.c No extensions to copy. 12435
crmfi.h This file will contain all declarations common to both encoding and decoding of CRMF Cert Requests. This header file should only be included internally by CRMF implementation files. 7213
crmfit.h General Name 5117
crmfpop.c Caller should release or unmark the pool, instead of doing it here. * But there are NO callers of this function at present... 18413
crmfreq.c Macro that returns PR_TRUE if the pointer is not NULL. If the pointer is NULL, then the macro will return PR_FALSE. 19271
crmft.h Header file with all of the structures and types that will be exported by the security library for implementation of CRMF. 5457
crmftmpl.c It's all implicit tagging. 8908
encutil.c 964
exports.gyp 831
Makefile 1841 780
respcli.c This file will contain all routines needed by a client that has to parse a CMMFCertRepContent structure and retirieve the appropriate data. 3959
respcmn.c XXX Why not call CMMF_DestroyCertifiedKeyPair or * XXX cmmf_DestroyCertOrEncCert ? 11844
servget.c 27002