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/* -*- Mode: C; tab-width: 8 -*-*/
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
* These are the definitions needed by the library internally to implement
* CMMF. Most of these will be helper utilities for manipulating internal
* data strucures.
#ifndef _CMMFI_H_
#define _CMMFI_H_
#include "cmmfit.h"
#include "crmfi.h"
* Some templates that the code will need to implement CMMF.
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CMMFCertOrEncCertCertificateTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CMMFCertOrEncCertEncryptedCertTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CMMFPOPODecKeyRespContentTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CMMFRandTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CMMFSequenceOfCertsTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CMMFPKIStatusInfoTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CMMFCertifiedKeyPairTemplate[];
* Some utility functions that are shared by multiple files in this
* implementation.
extern SECStatus cmmf_CopyCertResponse(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CMMFCertResponse *dest,
CMMFCertResponse *src);
extern SECStatus cmmf_CopyPKIStatusInfo(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CMMFPKIStatusInfo *dest,
CMMFPKIStatusInfo *src);
extern SECStatus cmmf_CopyCertifiedKeyPair(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CMMFCertifiedKeyPair *dest,
CMMFCertifiedKeyPair *src);
extern SECStatus cmmf_DestroyPKIStatusInfo(CMMFPKIStatusInfo *info,
PRBool freeit);
extern SECStatus cmmf_DestroyCertOrEncCert(CMMFCertOrEncCert *certOrEncCert,
PRBool freeit);
extern SECStatus cmmf_PKIStatusInfoSetStatus(CMMFPKIStatusInfo *statusInfo,
PLArenaPool *poolp,
CMMFPKIStatus inStatus);
extern SECStatus cmmf_ExtractCertsFromList(CERTCertList *inCertList,
PLArenaPool *poolp,
CERTCertificate ***certArray);
extern SECStatus
cmmf_CertOrEncCertSetCertificate(CMMFCertOrEncCert *certOrEncCert,
PLArenaPool *poolp,
CERTCertificate *inCert);
extern CMMFPKIStatus
cmmf_PKIStatusInfoGetStatus(CMMFPKIStatusInfo *inStatus);
extern CERTCertList *
cmmf_MakeCertList(CERTCertificate **inCerts);
extern CERTCertificate *
cmmf_CertOrEncCertGetCertificate(CMMFCertOrEncCert *certOrEncCert,
CERTCertDBHandle *certdb);
extern SECStatus
cmmf_decode_process_cert_response(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CERTCertDBHandle *db,
CMMFCertResponse *inCertResp);
extern SECStatus
cmmf_decode_process_certified_key_pair(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CERTCertDBHandle *db,
CMMFCertifiedKeyPair *inCertKeyPair);
extern SECStatus
cmmf_user_encode(void *src, CRMFEncoderOutputCallback inCallback, void *inArg,
const SEC_ASN1Template *inTemplate);
extern SECStatus
cmmf_copy_secitem(PLArenaPool *poolp, SECItem *dest, SECItem *src);
#endif /*_CMMFI_H_*/