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/* -*- Mode: C; tab-width: 8 -*-*/
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef _CRMFI_H_
#define _CRMFI_H_
/* This file will contain all declarations common to both
* encoding and decoding of CRMF Cert Requests. This header
* file should only be included internally by CRMF implementation
* files.
#include "secasn1.h"
#include "crmfit.h"
#include "secerr.h"
#include "blapit.h"
* Explanation for the definition of MAX_WRAPPED_KEY_LEN:
* It's used for internal buffers to transport a wrapped private key.
* The value is in BYTES.
* We want to define a reasonable upper bound for this value.
* Ideally this could be calculated, but in order to simplify the code
* we want to estimate the maximum requires size.
* See also bug 655850 for the full explanation.
* We know the largest wrapped keys are RSA keys.
* We'll estimate the maximum size needed for wrapped RSA keys,
* and assume it's sufficient for wrapped keys of any type we support.
* The maximum size of RSA keys in bits is defined elsewhere as
* The idea is to define MAX_WRAPPED_KEY_LEN based on the above.
* A wrapped RSA key requires about
* ( ( RSA_MAX_MODULUS_BITS / 8 ) * 5.5) + 65
* bytes.
* Therefore, a safe upper bound is:
#define CRMF_BITS_TO_BYTES(bits) (((bits) + 7) / 8)
#define CRMF_BYTES_TO_BITS(bytes) ((bytes)*8)
struct crmfEncoderArg {
SECItem *buffer;
unsigned long allocatedLen;
struct crmfEncoderOutput {
CRMFEncoderOutputCallback fn;
void *outputArg;
* This function is used by the API for encoding functions that are
* exposed through the API, ie all of the CMMF_Encode* and CRMF_Encode*
* functions.
extern void
crmf_encoder_out(void *arg, const char *buf, unsigned long len,
int depth, SEC_ASN1EncodingPart data_kind);
* This function is used when we want to encode something locally within
* the library, ie the CertRequest so that we can produce its signature.
extern SECStatus
crmf_init_encoder_callback_arg(struct crmfEncoderArg *encoderArg,
SECItem *derDest);
* This is the callback function we feed to the ASN1 encoder when doing
* internal DER-encodings. ie, encoding the cert request so we can
* produce a signature.
extern void
crmf_generic_encoder_callback(void *arg, const char *buf, unsigned long len,
int depth, SEC_ASN1EncodingPart data_kind);
/* The ASN1 templates that need to be seen by internal files
* in order to implement CRMF.
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFCertReqMsgTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFRAVerifiedTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFPOPOSigningKeyTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFPOPOKeyEnciphermentTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFPOPOKeyAgreementTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFThisMessageTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFSubsequentMessageTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFDHMACTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFEncryptedKeyWithEncryptedValueTemplate[];
extern const SEC_ASN1Template CRMFEncryptedValueTemplate[];
* Use these two values for encoding Boolean values.
extern const unsigned char hexTrue;
extern const unsigned char hexFalse;
* Prototypes for helper routines used internally by multiple files.
extern SECStatus crmf_encode_integer(PLArenaPool *poolp, SECItem *dest,
long value);
extern SECStatus crmf_make_bitstring_copy(PLArenaPool *arena, SECItem *dest,
SECItem *src);
extern SECStatus crmf_copy_pkiarchiveoptions(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CRMFPKIArchiveOptions *destOpt,
CRMFPKIArchiveOptions *srcOpt);
extern SECStatus
crmf_destroy_pkiarchiveoptions(CRMFPKIArchiveOptions *inArchOptions,
PRBool freeit);
extern const SEC_ASN1Template *
crmf_get_pkiarchiveoptions_subtemplate(CRMFControl *inControl);
extern SECStatus crmf_copy_encryptedkey(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CRMFEncryptedKey *srcEncrKey,
CRMFEncryptedKey *destEncrKey);
extern SECStatus
crmf_copy_encryptedvalue(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CRMFEncryptedValue *srcValue,
CRMFEncryptedValue *destValue);
extern SECStatus
crmf_copy_encryptedvalue_secalg(PLArenaPool *poolp,
SECAlgorithmID *srcAlgId,
SECAlgorithmID **destAlgId);
extern SECStatus crmf_template_copy_secalg(PLArenaPool *poolp,
SECAlgorithmID **dest,
SECAlgorithmID *src);
extern SECStatus crmf_copy_cert_name(PLArenaPool *poolp, CERTName **dest,
CERTName *src);
extern SECStatus crmf_template_add_public_key(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CERTSubjectPublicKeyInfo **dest,
CERTSubjectPublicKeyInfo *pubKey);
extern CRMFCertExtension *crmf_create_cert_extension(PLArenaPool *poolp,
SECOidTag tag,
PRBool isCritical,
SECItem *data);
extern CRMFCertRequest *
crmf_copy_cert_request(PLArenaPool *poolp, CRMFCertRequest *srcReq);
extern SECStatus crmf_destroy_encrypted_value(CRMFEncryptedValue *inEncrValue,
PRBool freeit);
extern CRMFEncryptedValue *
crmf_create_encrypted_value_wrapped_privkey(SECKEYPrivateKey *inPrivKey,
SECKEYPublicKey *inPubKey,
CRMFEncryptedValue *destValue);
crmf_get_mechanism_from_public_key(SECKEYPublicKey *inPubKey);
extern SECStatus
crmf_encrypted_value_unwrap_priv_key(PLArenaPool *poolp,
CRMFEncryptedValue *encValue,
SECKEYPrivateKey *privKey,
SECKEYPublicKey *newPubKey,
SECItem *nickname,
PK11SlotInfo *slot,
unsigned char keyUsage,
SECKEYPrivateKey **unWrappedKey,
void *wincx);
extern SECItem *
crmf_get_public_value(SECKEYPublicKey *pubKey, SECItem *dest);
extern CRMFCertExtension *
crmf_copy_cert_extension(PLArenaPool *poolp, CRMFCertExtension *inExtension);
extern SECStatus
crmf_create_prtime(SECItem *src, PRTime **dest);
#endif /*_CRMFI_H_*/