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# Running the examples
Assuming you have a checkout of the Puppeteer repo and have run npm i (or yarn) to install the dependencies, the examples can be run from the root folder like so:
NODE_PATH=../ node examples/search.js
## Larger examples
More complex and use case driven examples can be found at [](
# Other resources
> Other useful tools, articles, and projects that use Puppeteer.
## Rendering and web scraping
- [Puppetron]( - Demo site that shows how to use Puppeteer and Headless Chrome to render pages. Inspired by [GoogleChrome/rendertron](
- [Thal]( 'An article on medium') - Getting started with Puppeteer and Chrome Headless for Web Scraping.
- [pupperender]( - Express middleware that checks the User-Agent header of incoming requests, and if it matches one of a configurable set of bots, render the page using Puppeteer. Useful for PWA rendering.
- [headless-chrome-crawler]( - Crawler that provides simple APIs to manipulate Headless Chrome and allows you to crawl dynamic websites.
- [puppeteer-examples]( - Puppeteer Headless Chrome examples for real life use cases such as getting useful info from the web pages or common login scenarios.
- [browserless]( - Headless Chrome as a service letting you execute Puppeteer scripts remotely. Provides a docker image with configuration for concurrency, launch arguments and more.
- [Puppeteer Sandbox]( - Puppeteer sandbox environment as a service. Runs Puppeteer scripts and allows saving and embedding them in external sites and markdown files.
- [Puppeteer on AWS Lambda]( - Running puppeteer on AWS Lambda with Serverless framework
- [Apify SDK]( - The scalable web crawling and scraping library for JavaScript. Automatically manages a pool of Puppeteer browsers and provides easy error handling, task management, proxy rotation and more.
## Testing
- [angular-puppeteer-demo]( - Demo repository explaining how to use Puppeteer in Karma.
- [mocha-headless-chrome]( - Tool which runs client-side **mocha** tests in the command line through headless Chrome.
- [puppeteer-to-istanbul-example]( - Demo repository demonstrating how to output Puppeteer coverage in Istanbul format.
- [jest-puppeteer]( - (almost) Zero configuration tool for setting up and running Jest and Puppeteer easily. Also includes an assertion library for Puppeteer.
- [puppeteer-har]( - Generate HAR file with puppeteer.
- [puppetry]( - A desktop app to build Puppeteer/Jest driven tests without coding.
- [puppeteer-loadtest]( - commandline interface for performing load test on puppeteer scripts.
- [cucumber-puppeteer-example]( - Example repository demonstrating how to use Puppeeteer and Cucumber for integration testing.
## Services
- [Checkly]( - Monitoring SaaS that uses Puppeteer to check availability and correctness of web pages and apps.