Name Description Size
block-images.js 1114
cross-browser.js To have Puppeteer fetch a Firefox binary for you, first run: PUPPETEER_PRODUCT=firefox npm install To get additional logging about which browser binary is executed, run this example as: DEBUG=puppeteer:launcher NODE_PATH=../ node examples/cross-browser.js You can set a custom binary with the `executablePath` launcher option. 1294
custom-event.js Attach an event listener to page to capture a custom event on page load/navigation. @param {string} type Event name. @returns {!Promise} 1537
detect-sniff.js 1410
oopif.js 1554
pdf.js 1094
proxy.js 1150 # Running the examples 3283
screenshot-fullpage.js 967
screenshot.js 895
search.js @fileoverview Search for articles tagged "Headless Chrome" and scrape results from the results page. 1888