Name Description Size
.coveragerc 150 493 %(prog)s [options] [test paths] 11233 Sets the argument 3502
fzf 2045 Sets the argument 5079 9408 1280
metrics Pure Python runner so we can execute perftest in the CI without depending on a full mach toolchain, that is not fully available in all worker environments. This runner can be executed in two different ways: - by calling run_tests() from the mach command - by executing this module directly When the module is executed directly, if the --on-try option is used, it will fetch arguments from Tascluster's parameters, that were populated via a local --push-to-try call. The --push-to-try flow is: - a user calls ./mach perftest --push-to-try --option1 --option2 - a new push to try commit is made and includes all options in its parameters - a generic TC job triggers the perftest by calling this module with --on-try - run_test() grabs the parameters artifact and converts them into args for perftest 9775
schemas \ %(filename)s %(filename_underline)s :owner: %(owner)s :name: %(name)s 8746
tests Wrapper around the mach logger to make logging simpler. 14142