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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import json
import os
import sys
from functools import partial
from mach.decorators import Command, CommandArgument, SubCommand
from mozbuild.base import MachCommandConditions as conditions
"linux-xpcshell": "perftest-linux-try-xpcshell",
"mac-xpcshell": "perftest-macosx-try-xpcshell",
"linux-browsertime": "perftest-linux-try-browsertime",
"mac-browsertime": "perftest-macosx-try-browsertime",
"win-browsertimee": "perftest-windows-try-browsertime",
HERE = os.path.dirname(__file__)
def get_perftest_parser():
from mozperftest import PerftestArgumentParser
return PerftestArgumentParser
def get_perftest_tools_parser(tool):
def tools_parser_func():
from mozperftest import PerftestToolsArgumentParser
PerftestToolsArgumentParser.tool = tool
return PerftestToolsArgumentParser
return tools_parser_func
def get_parser():
return run_perftest._mach_command._parser
conditions=[partial(conditions.is_buildapp_in, apps=["firefox", "android"])],
description="Run any flavor of perftest",
def run_perftest(command_context, **kwargs):
# original parser that brought us there
original_parser = get_parser()
from pathlib import Path
from mozperftest.script import ParseError, ScriptInfo, ScriptType
# user selection with fuzzy UI
from mozperftest.utils import ON_TRY
if not ON_TRY and kwargs.get("tests", []) == []:
from moztest.resolve import TestResolver
from mozperftest.fzf.fzf import select
resolver = command_context._spawn(TestResolver)
test_objects = list(resolver.resolve_tests(paths=None, flavor="perftest"))
selected = select(test_objects)
def full_path(selection):
__, script_name, __, location = selection.split(" ")
return str(
kwargs["tests"] = [full_path(s) for s in selected]
if kwargs["tests"] == []:
print("\nNo selection. Bye!")
if len(kwargs["tests"]) > 1:
print("\nSorry no support yet for multiple local perftest")
sel = "\n".join(kwargs["tests"])
print("\nGood job! Best selection.\n%s" % sel)
# if the script is xpcshell, we can force the flavor here
# XXX on multi-selection, what happens if we have seeveral flavors?
script_info = ScriptInfo(kwargs["tests"][0])
except ParseError as e:
if e.exception is IsADirectoryError:
script_info = None
if script_info.script_type == ScriptType.xpcshell:
kwargs["flavor"] =
# we set the value only if not provided (so "mobile-browser"
# can be picked)
if "flavor" not in kwargs:
kwargs["flavor"] = "desktop-browser"
push_to_try = kwargs.pop("push_to_try", False)
if push_to_try:
sys.path.append(str(Path(command_context.topsrcdir, "tools", "tryselect")))
from tryselect.push import push_to_try
perftest_parameters = {}
args = script_info.update_args(**original_parser.get_user_args(kwargs))
platform = args.pop("try_platform", "linux")
if isinstance(platform, str):
platform = [platform]
platform = ["%s-%s" % (plat, for plat in platform]
for plat in platform:
if plat not in _TRY_PLATFORMS:
# we can extend platform support here: linux, win, macOs
# by adding more jobs in taskcluster/kinds/perftest/kind.yml
# then picking up the right one here
raise NotImplementedError(
"%r doesn't exist or is not yet supported" % plat
def relative(path):
if path.startswith(command_context.topsrcdir):
return path[len(command_context.topsrcdir) :].lstrip(os.sep)
return path
for name, value in args.items():
# ignore values that are set to default
if original_parser.get_default(name) == value:
if name == "tests":
value = [relative(path) for path in value]
perftest_parameters[name] = value
parameters = {
"try_task_config": {
"tasks": [_TRY_PLATFORMS[plat] for plat in platform],
"perftest-options": perftest_parameters,
"try_mode": "try_task_config",
task_config = {"parameters": parameters, "version": 2}
if args.get("verbose"):
print("Pushing run to try...")
print(json.dumps(task_config, indent=4, sort_keys=True))
push_to_try("perftest", "perftest", try_task_config=task_config)
from mozperftest.runner import run_tests
run_tests(command_context, kwargs, original_parser.get_user_args(kwargs))
print("\nFirefox. Fast For Good.\n")
description="Run perftest tests",
"tests", default=None, nargs="*", help="Tests to run. By default will run all"
help="Skip flake8 and black",
"-v", "--verbose", action="store_true", default=False, help="Verbose mode"
help="Run raptor tests",
def run_tests(command_context, **kwargs):
from pathlib import Path
from mozperftest.utils import temporary_env
if "raptor" in kwargs:
print("Running raptor unit tests through mozperftest")
with temporary_env(
_run_tests(command_context, **kwargs)
def _run_tests(command_context, **kwargs):
from pathlib import Path
from mozperftest.utils import ON_TRY, checkout_python_script, checkout_script
venv = command_context.virtualenv_manager
skip_linters = kwargs.get("skip_linters", False)
verbose = kwargs.get("verbose", False)
if not ON_TRY and not skip_linters and not kwargs.get("raptor"):
cmd = "./mach lint "
if verbose:
cmd += " -v"
cmd += " " + str(HERE)
if not checkout_script(cmd, label="linters", display=verbose, verbose=verbose):
raise AssertionError("Please fix your code.")
# running pytest with coverage
# coverage is done in three steps:
# 1/ coverage erase => erase any previous coverage data
# 2/ coverage run pytest ... => run the tests and collect info
# 3/ coverage report => generate the report
tests_dir = Path(HERE, "tests").resolve()
tests = kwargs.get("tests", [])
if tests == []:
tests = str(tests_dir)
run_coverage_check = not skip_linters
run_coverage_check = False
def _get_test(test):
if Path(test).exists():
return str(test)
return str(tests_dir / test)
tests = " ".join([_get_test(test) for test in tests])
# on macOS + try we skip the coverage
# because macOS workers prevent us from installing
# packages from PyPI
if sys.platform == "darwin" and ON_TRY:
run_coverage_check = False
options = "-xs"
if kwargs.get("verbose"):
options += "v"
# If we run mozperftest with the --raptor argument,
# then only run the raptor unit tests
if kwargs.get("raptor"):
run_coverage_check = True
tests = str(Path(command_context.topsrcdir, "testing", "raptor", "test"))
if run_coverage_check:
assert checkout_python_script(
venv, "coverage", ["erase"], label="remove old coverage data"
args = ["run", "-m", "pytest", options, "--durations", "10", tests]
assert checkout_python_script(
venv, "coverage", args, label="running tests", verbose=verbose
if run_coverage_check and not checkout_python_script(
venv, "coverage", ["report"], display=True
raise ValueError("Coverage is too low!")
description="Run perftest tools",
def run_tools(command_context, **kwargs):
Runs various perftest tools such as the side-by-side generator.
print("Runs various perftest tools such as the side-by-side generator.")
description="This tool can be used to generate a side-by-side visualization of two videos. "
"When using this tool, make sure that the `--test-name` is an exact match, i.e. if you are "
"comparing the task `test-linux64-shippable-qr/opt-browsertime-tp6-firefox-linkedin-e10s` "
"between two revisions, then use `browsertime-tp6-firefox-linkedin-e10s` as the suite name "
"and `test-linux64-shippable-qr/opt` as the platform.",
def run_side_by_side(command_context, **kwargs):
from mozperftest.runner import run_tools
kwargs["tool"] = "side-by-side"
run_tools(command_context, kwargs)
description="This tool can be used to determine if there are differences between two "
"revisions. It can do either direct comparisons, or searching for regressions in between "
"two revisions (with a maximum or autocomputed depth).",
def run_change_detector(command_context, **kwargs):
from mozperftest.runner import run_tools
kwargs["tool"] = "change-detector"
run_tools(command_context, kwargs)