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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import contextlib
import copy
from mozperftest.argparser import FLAVORS
from mozperftest.hooks import Hooks
from mozperftest.layers import Layers, StopRunError
from mozperftest.metrics import pick_metrics
from mozperftest.system import pick_system
from mozperftest.test import pick_test
from mozperftest.utils import MachLogger
class MachEnvironment(MachLogger):
def __init__(self, mach_cmd, flavor="desktop-browser", hooks=None, **kwargs):
MachLogger.__init__(self, mach_cmd)
self._mach_cmd = mach_cmd
self._mach_args = dict(
[(self._normalize(key), value) for key, value in kwargs.items()]
self.layers = []
if flavor not in FLAVORS:
raise NotImplementedError(flavor)
for layer in (pick_system, pick_test, pick_metrics):
self.add_layer(layer(self, flavor, mach_cmd))
if hooks is None:
# we just load an empty Hooks instance
hooks = Hooks(mach_cmd)
self.hooks = hooks
def frozen(self):
# used to trigger __enter__/__exit__
with self:
yield self
def _normalize(self, name):
if name.startswith("--"):
name = name[2:]
return name.replace("-", "_")
def set_arg(self, name, value):
"""Sets the argument"""
# see if we want to restrict to existing keys
self._mach_args[self._normalize(name)] = value
def get_arg(self, name, default=None, layer=None):
name = self._normalize(name)
marker = object()
res = self._mach_args.get(name, marker)
if res is marker:
# trying with the name prefixed with the layer name
if layer is not None and not name.startswith(
name = "%s_%s" % (, name)
return self._mach_args.get(name, default)
return default
return res
def get_layer(self, name):
for layer in self.layers:
if isinstance(layer, Layers):
found = layer.get_layer(name)
if found is not None:
return found
elif == name:
return layer
return None
def add_layer(self, layer):
def freeze(self):
# freeze args (XXX do we need to freeze more?)
self._saved_mach_args = copy.deepcopy(self._mach_args)
def unfreeze(self):
self._mach_args = self._saved_mach_args
self._saved_mach_args = None
def run(self, metadata):
# run the system and test layers
with self.layers[SYSTEM] as syslayer, self.layers[TEST] as testlayer:
metadata = testlayer(syslayer(metadata))
# then run the metrics layers
with self.layers[METRICS] as metrics:
metadata = metrics(metadata)
except StopRunError:
# ends the cycle but without bubbling up the error
return metadata
def __enter__(self):
return self
def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback):