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apple_pkg Create a tar file deterministically. Receives a dict mapping names of files in the archive to local filesystem paths or ``mozpack.files.BaseFile`` instances. The files will be archived and written to the passed file handle opened for writing. Only regular files can be written. FUTURE accept a filename argument (or create APIs to write files) 5361
chrome Generic container to keep track of a set of BaseFile instances. It preserves the order under which the files are added, but doesn't keep track of empty directories (directories are not stored at all). The paths associated with the BaseFile instances are relative to an unspecified (virtual) root directory. registry = FileRegistry() registry.add('foo/bar', file_instance) 22630 When cross compiling, we zero fill an hfs file, that we will turn into a DMG. To do so we test the size of the staged dir, and add some slight padding to that. 7546 Exception type raised from errors.error() and errors.fatal() 4223 Check the signature of the give file and returns what kind of executable matches. 4222 Helper interface for BaseFile.copy. The interface works as follows: - read() and write() can be used to sequentially read/write from the underlying file. - a call to read() after a write() will re-open the underlying file and read from it. - a call to write() after a read() will re-open the underlying file, emptying it, and write to it. 43825 6814 Raised when an invalid install manifest is parsed. 16834 Error type for Jar reader errors. 29511
packager Like :py:mod:`os.path`, with a reduced set of functions, and with normalized path separators (always use forward slashes). Also contains a few additional utilities not found in :py:mod:`os.path`. 7177 Given <name>, open file at <TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY>/<name>, read contents and return as a Template Args: name: str, Filename for the template Returns: Template, loaded from file 10070
test <(?P<ns>[-._0-9A-Za-z]+:)?targetPlatform> # The targetPlatform tag, with any namespace (?P<platform>[^<]*) # The actual platform value </(?P=ns)?targetPlatform> # The closing tag 9984