Name Description Size 1060 Abstract base class for build backends. A build backend is merely a consumer of the build configuration (the output of the frontend processing). It does something with said data. What exactly is the discretion of the specific implementation. 13939 3009 Configuration that generates the backend for clangd, it is used with `clangd` extension for vscode 4159 Helps manage XPCOM IDLs in the context of the build system. 23464 Error loading config.status 13069 Backend that generates Cpp Eclipse project files. 47866 12299 13543 Class encapsulating logic for backends that use Make. 5517 Represents a generated file. This is both a wrapper around a file handle as well as a container that holds accumulated state. It's worth taking a moment to explain the make dependencies. The generated as well as the (if it exists) are in the GLOBAL_DEPS list. This means that if one of them changes, all targets in that Makefile are invalidated. also depends on all of its input files. It's worth considering the effect of file mtimes on build behavior. Since we perform an "all or none" traversal of files (the whole tree is scanned as opposed to individual files), if we were to blindly write files, the net effect of updating a single mozbuild file in the tree is all files have new mtimes. This would in turn invalidate all make targets across the whole tree! This would effectively undermine incremental builds as any mozbuild change would cause the entire tree to rebuild! The solution is to not update the mtimes of files unless they actually change. We use FileAvoidWrite to accomplish this. 81929 1939 Partial backend that generates test metadata files. 4025 Generate Visual Studio project files. This backend is used to produce Visual Studio projects and a solution to foster developing Firefox with Visual Studio. This backend is currently considered experimental. There are many things not optimal about how it works. 26110