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analyze 2 Generate a v1 android:versionCode. The important consideration is that version codes be monotonically increasing (per Android package name) for all published builds. The input build IDs are based on timestamps and hence are always monotonically increasing. The generated v1 version codes look like (in binary): 0111 1000 0010 tttt tttt tttt tttt txpg The 17 bits labelled 't' represent the number of hours since midnight on September 1, 2015. (2015090100 in YYYYMMMDDHH format.) This yields a little under 15 years worth of hourly build identifiers, since 2**17 / (366 * 24) =~ 14.92. The bits labelled 'x', 'p', and 'g' are feature flags. The bit labelled 'x' is 1 if the build is for an x86 or x86-64 architecture, and 0 otherwise, which means the build is for an ARM or ARM64 architecture. (Fennec no longer supports ARMv6, so ARM is equivalent to ARMv7. ARM64 is also known as AArch64; it is logically ARMv8.) For the same release, x86 and x86_64 builds have higher version codes and take precedence over ARM builds, so that they are preferred over ARM on devices that have ARM emulation. The bit labelled 'p' is 1 if the build is for a 64-bit architecture (x86-64 or ARM64), and 0 otherwise, which means the build is for a 32-bit architecture (x86 or ARM). 64-bit builds have higher version codes so they take precedence over 32-bit builds on devices that support 64-bit. The bit labelled 'g' is 1 if the build targets a recent API level, which is currently always the case, because Firefox no longer ships releases that are split by API levels. However, we may reintroduce a split in the future, in which case the release that targets an older API level will We throw an explanatory exception when we are within one calendar year of running out of build events. This gives lots of time to update the version scheme. The responsible individual should then bump the range (to allow builds to continue) and use the time remaining to update the version scheme via the reserved high order bits. N.B.: the reserved 0 bit to the left of the highest order 't' bit can, sometimes, be used to bump the version scheme. In addition, by reducing the granularity of the build identifiers (for example, moving to identifying builds every 2 or 4 hours), the version scheme may be adjusted further still without losing a (valuable) high order bit. 7908 924 Fetch and cache artifacts from URLs. This module manages fetching artifacts from URLS and purging old artifacts using a simple Least Recently Used cache. This module requires certain modules be importable from the ambient Python environment. Consumers will need to arrange this themselves. The bulk of the complexity is in managing and persisting several caches. If we found a Python LRU cache that pickled cleanly, we could remove a lot of this code! Sadly, I found no such candidate implementations, so we pickle pylru caches manually. None of the instances (or the underlying caches) are safe for concurrent use. A future need, perhaps. 8881 Download, cache, and install pre-built binary artifacts to build Firefox. Use |mach build| as normal to freshen your installed binary libraries: artifact builds automatically download, cache, and install binary artifacts from Mozilla automation, replacing whatever may be in your object directory. Use |mach artifact last| to see what binary artifacts were last used. Never build libxul again! 21006 Fetch build artifacts from a Firefox tree. This provides an (at-the-moment special purpose) interface to download Android artifacts from Mozilla's Task Cluster. This module performs the following steps: * find a candidate hg parent revision. At one time we used the local pushlog, which required the mozext hg extension. This isn't feasible with git, and it is only mildly less efficient to not use the pushlog, so we don't use it even when querying hg. * map the candidate parent to candidate Task Cluster tasks and artifact locations. Pushlog entries might not correspond to tasks (yet), and those tasks might not produce the desired class of artifacts. * fetch fresh Task Cluster artifacts and purge old artifacts, using a simple Least Recently Used cache. * post-process fresh artifacts, to speed future installation. In particular, extract relevant files from Mac OS X DMG files into a friendly archive format so we don't have to mount DMG files frequently. This module requires certain modules be importable from the ambient Python environment. |mach artifact| ensures these modules are available, but other consumers will need to arrange this themselves. 53881
backend 12 Emit the parent directories of a path. 40812 What to build. Can be a top-level make target or a relative directory. If multiple options are provided, they will be built serially. Takes dependency information from `topsrcdir/build/dumbmake-dependencies` to build additional targets as needed. BUILDING ONLY PARTS OF THE TREE CAN RESULT IN BAD TREE STATE. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. 9585 Split an integer into evenly distributed list >>> split_evenly(7, 3) [3, 2, 2] >>> split_evenly(12, 3) [4, 4, 4] >>> split_evenly(35, 10) [4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3] >>> split_evenly(1, 2) Traceback (most recent call last): ... ChunkingError: Number of chunks is greater than number 1673
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compilation 5 ============= ADVERTISEMENT You are building Firefox for Android. After your build completes, you can open the top source directory in Android Studio directly and build using Gradle. See the documentation at ============= 6635
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controller 3 Disable the last access time feature? This improves the speed of file and directory access by deferring Last Access Time modification on disk by up to an hour. Backup programs that rely on this feature may be affected. 11213 A thin representation of a key=value .properties file. 2687 This script converts the build system telemetry schema from voluptuous format to json-schema. You should run it with `mach python`. 1510 Use pywatchman to watch source directories and perform partial |mach build faster| builds. 10770
frontend 8 1967 Generate the SHA-512 digest of `data` and return it as a hex string. 2590 # This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public # License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this # file, You can obtain one at 23357 Register a resource JSON file with the server. The file will be made available under the name/key specified. 3625 provides a python class to package up chrome content by processing files. See the documentation for on MDC for further details on the format. 23683 =================== PERFORMANCE WARNING Your machine experienced a lot of swap activity during the build. This is possibly a sign that your machine doesn't have enough physical memory or not enough available memory to perform the build. It's also possible some other system activity during the build is to blame. If you feel this message is not appropriate for your machine configuration, please file a Firefox Build System :: General bug at and tell us about your machine and build configuration so we can adjust the warning heuristic. =================== 67856 Provides an interface for writing simple makefiles Instances of this class are created, populated with rules, then written. 6466 --- # Third-Party Library Template # All fields are mandatory unless otherwise noted # Version of this schema schema: 1 bugzilla: # Bugzilla product and component for this directory and subdirectories product: product name component: component name # Document the source of externally hosted code origin: # Short name of the package/library name: name of the package description: short (one line) description # Full URL for the package's homepage/etc # Usually different from repository url url: package's homepage url # Human-readable identifier for this version/release # Generally "version NNN", "tag SSS", "bookmark SSS" release: identifier # The package's license, where possible using the mnemonic from # # Multiple licenses can be specified (as a YAML list) # A "LICENSE" file must exist containing the full license text license: MPL-2.0 # Configuration for the automated vendoring system. # Files are always vendored into a directory structure that matches the source # repository, into the same directory as the moz.yaml file # optional vendoring: # Repository URL to vendor from # eg. # Any repository host can be specified here, however initially we'll only # support automated vendoring from selected sources initiall. url: source url (generally repository clone url) # Revision to pull in # Must be a long or short commit SHA (long preferred) revision: sha # List of patch files to apply after vendoring. Applied in the order # specified, and alphabetically if globbing is used. Patches must apply # cleanly before changes are pushed # All patch files are implicitly added to the keep file list. # optional patches: - file - path/to/file - path/*.patch # List of files that are not deleted while vendoring # Implicitly contains "moz.yaml", any files referenced as patches # optional keep: - file - path/to/file - another/path - *.mozilla # Files/paths that will not be vendored from source repository # Implicitly contains ".git", and ".gitignore" # optional exclude: - file - path/to/file - another/path - docs - src/*.test # Files/paths that will always be vendored, even if they would # otherwise be excluded by "exclude". # optional include: - file - path/to/file - another/path - docs/LICENSE.* # If neither "exclude" or "include" are set, all files will be vendored # Files/paths in "include" will always be vendored, even if excluded # eg. excluding "docs/" then including "docs/LICENSE" will vendor just the # LICENSE file from the docs directory # All three file/path parameters ("keep", "exclude", and "include") support # filenames, directory names, and globs/wildcards. # In-tree scripts to be executed after vendoring but before pushing. # optional run_after: - script - another script 10022 The MOZ_MYCONFIG environment variable to define the location of mozconfigs is deprecated. If you wish to define the mozconfig path via an environment variable, use MOZCONFIG instead. 18329
mozconfig_loader 1041 Build a dict containing data about the build configuration from the environment. 5408 Determines the possible paths for node executables. Returns a list of paths, which includes the build state directory. 4501 This is a very primitive line based preprocessor, for times when using a C preprocessor isn't an option. It currently supports the following grammar for expressions, whitespace is ignored: expression : and_cond ( '||' expression ) ? ; and_cond: test ( '&&' and_cond ) ? ; test: unary ( ( '==' | '!=' ) unary ) ? ; unary : '!'? value ; value : [0-9]+ # integer | 'defined(' \w+ ')' | \w+ # string identifier or value; 29404 Determine the version of a Python executable by invoking it. May raise ``subprocess.CalledProcessError`` or ``ValueError`` on failure. 3588
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resources 1 Constants for SCHEDULES configuration in files and for skip-unless-schedules optimizations in task-graph generation. 2350 Parses a given command line string and creates a list of command and arguments, with wildcard expansion. 7321 Directive to insert mozbuild sandbox symbol information. 4905 This file contains a voluptuous schema definition for build system telemetry, and functions to fill an instance of that schema for a single mach invocation. 12390
test 28 Processes a "support-files" entry from a test object, either from a parsed object from a test manifests or its representation in and returns the installs to perform for this test object. Processing the same support files multiple times will not have any further effect, and the structure of the parsed objects from manifests will have a lot of repeated entries, so this class takes care of memoizing. 11334 Wrapper around the exec statement to avoid bogus errors like: SyntaxError: unqualified exec is not allowed in function ... it is a nested function. or SyntaxError: unqualified exec is not allowed in function ... it contains a nested function with free variable which happen with older versions of python 2.7. 51454 Construct a url for a tarball snapshot of the given revision. 8696 Construct a url for a tarball snapshot of the given revision. 7169 592 extract source distribution into vendor directory 6468 \ # This file contains vendoring instructions for cargo. # It was generated by `mach vendor rust`. # Please do not edit. {config} # Take advantage of the fact that cargo will treat lines starting with # # as comments to add preprocessing directives. This file can thus by copied # as-is to $topsrcdir/.cargo/config with no preprocessing to be used there # (for e.g. independent tasks building rust code), or be preprocessed by # the build system to produce a .cargo/config with the right content. #define REPLACE_NAME {replace_name} #define VENDORED_DIRECTORY {directory} # We explicitly exclude the following section when preprocessing because # it would overlap with the preprocessed [source."@REPLACE_NAME@"], and # cargo would fail. #ifndef REPLACE_NAME [source.{replace_name}] directory = "{directory}" #endif # Thankfully, @REPLACE_NAME@ is unlikely to be a legitimate source, so # cargo will ignore it when it's here verbatim. #filter substitution [source."@REPLACE_NAME@"] directory = "@top_srcdir@/@VENDORED_DIRECTORY@" 20425 Please upgrade to the latest MozillaBuild development environment. See 30673