Name Description Size 0 A generic script to add entries to a file if the entry does not already exist. Usage: <filename> <entry> [<entry> ...] 1583 10648 602 1101 3610 2519 Fetch and unpack architecture-specific Maven zips, verify cross-architecture compatibility, and ready inputs to an Android multi-architecture fat AAR build. 6603 5359 2883 3377 631 467 1310 15561 1628 637 709 %s is not in SCRIPT_ALLOWLIST in python/mozbuild/mozbuild/action/ Using NodeJS from is currently in beta, and node scripts to be executed need to be added to the allowlist and reviewed by a build peer so that we can get a better sense of how support should evolve. (To consult a build peer, raise a question in the #build channel at 4869 1138 1466 656 Creates the given config header. A config header is generated by taking the corresponding source file and replacing some #define/#undef occurences: "#undef NAME" is turned into "#define NAME VALUE" "#define NAME" is unchanged "#define NAME ORIGINAL_VALUE" is turned into "#define NAME VALUE" "#undef UNKNOWN_NAME" is turned into "/* #undef UNKNOWN_NAME */" Whitespaces are preserved. As a special rule, "#undef ALLDEFINES" is turned into "#define NAME VALUE" for all the defined variables. 4451 3859 4233 28021 This function originates from redo 2.0.3 A generator function that sleeps between retries, handles exponential backoff and jitter. The action you are retrying is meant to run after retrier yields. 53102 1375 2291 1115 Run the given function, representing an entire build task, and log the BUILDTASK metadata row to stdout. 753 Perform WebIDL code generation required by the build system. 619 2825 A generic script to verify all test files are in the corresponding .ini file. Usage: <directory> [<directory> ...] 3037 5310 1685