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android-avds 3
android-emulator-packages.txt 24
android-packages.txt 64
android-system-images-packages.txt 9 Looks like you have the correct version of the Android NDK installed at: %s 29339 Archlinux experimental bootstrapper. 6423 Could not find Mercurial (hg) in the current shell's path. Try starting a new shell and running the bootstrapper again. 29611 Note on Artifact Mode: Artifact builds download prebuilt C++ components rather than building them locally. Artifact builds are faster! Artifact builds are recommended for people working on Firefox or Firefox for Android frontends, or the GeckoView Java API. They are unsuitable for those working on C++ code. For more information see: Please choose the version of Firefox you want to build (see note above): %s Your choice: 26107 3101 Mercurial releases a new version every 3 months and your distro's package may become out of date. This may cause incompatibility with some Mercurial extensions that rely on new Mercurial features. As a result, you may not have an optimal version control experience. To have the best Mercurial experience possible, we recommend installing Mercurial via the "pip" Python packaging utility. This will likely result in files being placed in /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib. How would you like to continue? 1. Install a modern Mercurial via pip [default] 2. Install a legacy Mercurial via apt 3. Do not install Mercurial Your choice: 4635 2705 1679 4746 Bootstrap system and mach for optimal development experience. 3702 The MOZ_MYCONFIG environment variable to define the location of mozconfigs is deprecated. If you wish to define the mozconfig path via an environment variable, use MOZCONFIG instead. 5579 Bootstrapper for MozillaBuild to install rustup. 9269 1697 openSUSE experimental bootstrapper. 4186 We will install the Homebrew package manager to install required packages. You will be prompted to install Homebrew with its default settings. If you would prefer to do this manually, hit CTRL+c, install Homebrew yourself, ensure "brew" is in your $PATH, and relaunch bootstrap. 12500 Sorry, we have no installer configured for your platform. Please try installing rust for your system from or from or from your package manager. 6099 548 Solus experimental bootstrapper. 3003 395
test 2 Download the given url and save it to dest. hexhash is a checksum that will be used to validate the downloaded file using the given digest algorithm. The value of digest can be any value accepted by The default digest used is 'sha256'. 1933 2247 Bootstrapper for msys2 based environments for building in Windows. 5048