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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals
import hashlib
import os
import sys
from pathlib import Path
from import PythonVirtualenv
from mach.util import get_state_dir
# NOTE: This script is intended to be run with a vanilla Python install. We
# have to rely on the standard library instead of Python 2+3 helpers like
# the six module.
if sys.version_info < (3,):
from urllib2 import urlopen
input = raw_input # noqa
from urllib.request import urlopen
def get_tools_dir(srcdir=False):
if os.environ.get("MOZ_AUTOMATION") and "MOZ_FETCHES_DIR" in os.environ:
return os.environ["MOZ_FETCHES_DIR"]
return get_state_dir(srcdir)
def get_mach_virtualenv_root():
return Path(get_state_dir(specific_to_topsrcdir=True)) / "_virtualenvs" / "mach"
def get_mach_virtualenv_binary():
root = get_mach_virtualenv_root()
return Path(PythonVirtualenv(str(root)).python_path)
def http_download_and_save(url, dest: Path, hexhash, digest="sha256"):
"""Download the given url and save it to dest. hexhash is a checksum
that will be used to validate the downloaded file using the given
digest algorithm. The value of digest can be any value accepted by The default digest used is 'sha256'."""
f = urlopen(url)
h =
with open(dest, "wb") as out:
while True:
data =
if data:
if h.hexdigest() != hexhash:
raise ValueError("Hash of downloaded file does not match expected hash")