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appnote.txt 46890
components.conf 1345 1063
nsIJARChannel.idl Returns the JAR file. May be null if the jar is remote. Setting the JAR file is optional and overrides the JAR file used for local file JARs. Setting the JAR file after the channel has been opened is not permitted. 1478
nsIJARURI.idl JAR URLs have the following syntax jar:<jar-file-uri>!/<jar-entry> EXAMPLE: jar:!/ocean.html The nsIURL methods operate on the <jar-entry> part of the spec. 1277
nsIZipReader.idl The type of compression used for the item. The possible values and their meanings are defined in the zip file specification at 10629
nsJAR.cpp stabilize 24593
nsJAR.h ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class nsJAR declaration. nsJAR serves as an XPCOM wrapper for nsZipArchive with the addition of JAR manifest file parsing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5275
nsJARChannel.cpp 37394
nsJARChannel.h 3786
nsJARInputStream.cpp --------------------------------------------- nsISupports implementation -------------------------------------------- 10984
nsJARInputStream.h ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class nsJARInputStream declaration. This class defines the type of the object returned by calls to nsJAR::GetInputStream(filename) for the purpose of reading a file item out of a JAR file. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2462
nsJARProtocolHandler.cpp Although jar uris have their own concept of relative urls it is very different from the standard behaviour, so we have to say norelative here! 3300
nsJARProtocolHandler.h 0xc7e410d4-0x85f2-11d3-9f63-006008a6efe9 1515
nsJARURI.cpp 19727
nsJARURI.h 9a55f629-730b-4d08-b75b-fa7d9570a691 5062
nsZipArchive.cpp This module implements a simple archive extractor for the PKZIP format. 35396
nsZipArchive.h Used as output buffer when deflating items to a file 11993
test 2
zipstruct.h Certain constants and structures for the Phil Katz ZIP archive format. 2951
zipwriter 14