Name Description Size
components.conf 1017 673
nsDeflateConverter.cpp nsDeflateConverter is a stream converter applies the deflate compression method to the data. 5264
nsDeflateConverter.h 1542
nsIZipWriter.idl nsIZipWriter An interface for a zip archiver that can be used from script. The interface supports both a synchronous method of archiving data and a queueing system to allow operations to be prepared then run in sequence with notification after completion. Operations added to the queue do not get performed until performQueue is called at which point they will be performed in the order that they were added to the queue. Operations performed on the queue will throw any errors out to the observer. An attempt to perform a synchronous operation while the background queue is in progress will throw NS_ERROR_IN_PROGRESS. Entry names should use /'s as path separators and should not start with a /. It is not generally necessary to add directory entries in order to add file entries within them, however it is possible that some zip programs may experience problems what that. 8822
nsZipDataStream.cpp nsZipDataStream handles the writing an entry's into the zip file. It is set up to wither write the data as is, or in the event that compression has been requested to pass it through a stream converter. Currently only the deflate compression method is supported. The CRC checksum for the entry's data is also generated here. 4807
nsZipDataStream.h 1091
nsZipHeader.cpp nsZipHeader represents an entry from a zip file. 10879
nsZipHeader.h 2530
nsZipWriter.cpp nsZipWriter is used to create and add to zip files. It is based on the spec available at The basic structure of a zip file created is slightly simpler than that illustrated in the spec because certain features of the zip format are unsupported: [local file header 1] [file data 1] . . . [local file header n] [file data n] [central directory] [end of central directory record] 29545
nsZipWriter.h 2371
StreamFunctions.cpp Fully reads the required amount of data. Keeps reading until all the data is retrieved or an error is hit. 1286
StreamFunctions.h ZIP file data is stored little-endian. These are helper functions to read and write little endian data to/from a char buffer. The off argument, where present, is incremented according to the number of bytes consumed from the buffer. 1670