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<title>Test for Bug 832025</title>
<script src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css"/>
<script src="/tests/SimpleTest/EventUtils.js"></script>
<a target="_blank" href="">Mozilla Bug 832025</a>
<div id="test" contenteditable="true">header1</div>
<script type="application/javascript">
* Test for Bug 832025
document.execCommand("stylewithcss", false, "true");
document.execCommand("defaultParagraphSeparator", false, "div");
var test = document.getElementById("test");
// place caret at end of editable area
var sel = getSelection();
sel.collapse(test, test.childNodes.length);
// make it a H1
document.execCommand("heading", false, "H1");
// simulate a CR key
// insert some text
document.execCommand("insertText", false, "abc");
is(test.innerHTML, "<h1>header1</h1><div>abc<br></div>",
"A paragraph automatically created after a CR at the end of an H1 should not be bold");