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<title>Test for Bug 725069</title>
<script src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
<script src="/tests/SimpleTest/EventUtils.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css"/>
<body contenteditable>abc<!-- XXX -->def<span></span>
<a target="_blank" href="">Mozilla Bug 725069</a>
<p id="display"></p>
<pre id="test">
<script type="application/javascript">
/** Test for Bug 725069 **/
addLoadEvent(function() {
var body = document.querySelector("body");
is(body.firstChild.nodeType, body.TEXT_NODE, "The first node is a text node");
is(body.firstChild.nodeValue, "abc", "The first text node is there");
is(body.firstChild.nextSibling.nodeType, body.COMMENT_NODE, "The second node is a comment node");
is(body.firstChild.nextSibling.nodeValue, " XXX ", "The value of the comment node is not changed");
is(body.firstChild.nextSibling.nextSibling.nodeType, body.TEXT_NODE, "The last text node is a text node");
is(body.firstChild.nextSibling.nextSibling.nodeValue, "def", "The last next node is there");