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window["_gaUserPrefs"] = { ioo : function() { return true; } }↩
<meta charset="windows-1252"><script>↩
function onLoad() {↩
const form = document.querySelector("form");↩
form.addEventListener("DOMCharacterDataModified", () => {↩
function onToggle() {↩
// For emulating the traditional behavior, collapse Selection to end of the↩
// text node node in the <button> which is the deepest last child of the↩
// <body>.↩
const button = document.querySelector("button");↩
getSelection().collapse(button.lastChild, button.lastChild.length);↩
</head><body onload="onLoad()">↩
<details ontoggle="onToggle()" open>↩
<dt contenteditable>↩
</details><aside style="
position: fixed;↩
top: 0px;↩
right: 0px;↩
font-family: &quot;Lucida Console&quot;, monospace;↩
background-color: rgb(242, 230, 217);↩
padding: 3px;↩
z-index: 10000;↩
text-align: center;↩
max-width: 120px;↩
opacity: 0;↩
transition: opacity 0.5s linear 0s;">1194 x 73</aside></body><form id="b"><keygen>↩
<button autofocus>↩