Name Description Size
CubebDeviceEnumerator.cpp static 10380
CubebDeviceEnumerator.h 3134
MediaEngine.h Populate an array of sources of the requested type in the nsTArray. Also include devices that are currently unavailable. 1509
MediaEngineDefault.cpp Default video source. 18555
MediaEngineDefault.h The default implementation of the MediaEngine interface. 4972
MediaEnginePrefs.h Video source and friends. 2665
MediaEngineRemoteVideoSource.cpp zero_initialize 33026
MediaEngineRemoteVideoSource.h The WebRTC implementation of the MediaEngine interface. 9149
MediaEngineSource.cpp static 1625
MediaEngineSource.h Callback interface for TakePhoto(). Either PhotoComplete() or PhotoError() should be called. 8787
MediaEngineTabVideoSource.cpp 13645
MediaEngineTabVideoSource.h 5059
MediaEngineWebRTC.cpp We still enumerate every time, in case a new device was plugged in since the last call. TODO: Verify that WebRTC actually does deal with hotplugging new devices (with or without new engine creation) and accordingly adjust. Enumeration is not neccessary if GIPS reports the same set of devices for a given instance of the engine. 11032
MediaEngineWebRTCAudio.cpp WebRTC Microphone MediaEngineSource. 43070
MediaEngineWebRTCAudio.h Assigns the current settings of the capture to aOutSettings. Main thread only. 13922
MediaTrackConstraints.cpp 18140
MediaTrackConstraints.h 12450
MediaTransportChild.h 1603
MediaTransportParent.h 3040 2342
nsITabSource.idl 679
PeerIdentity.cpp static 2305
PeerIdentity.h This class implements the identifier used in WebRTC identity. Peers are identified using a string in the form [<user>@]<domain>, for instance, "'. The (optional) user portion is a site-controlled string containing any character other than '@'. The domain portion is a valid IDN domain name and is compared accordingly. See: 2206
PMediaTransport.ipdl 3930
PWebrtcGlobal.ipdl 1062
RTCCertificate.cpp sec 13002
RTCCertificate.h 3043
RTCIdentityProviderRegistrar.cpp 2686
RTCIdentityProviderRegistrar.h RTCIDENTITYPROVIDER_H_ 2043
SineWaveGenerator.h SINEWAVEGENERATOR_H_ 1978
WebrtcGlobal.h 16490
WebrtcIPCTraits.h 5912