Name Description Size 4992 17889 1793
default_config_env 2004
default_mozconfig 188 3696
elm_arcconfig.patch 268 13955 Build commit list from the specified revset. The revset can be a single revision, e.g. 52bb9bb94661, or a range, e.g. 8c08a5bb8a99::52bb9bb94661, or any other valid revset (check hg help revset). Only commits that touch libwebrtc are included. 5273 5132 5748 3168
gn-configs 3192 11478 4175
pre-warmed-milestone.cache 76 5517 1740 # Vendoring libwebrtc and the fast-forward process 901 918 4600 2876 6749 2273 2702 19430 10827 2947
webrtc.mozbuild 1921 #!/bin/bash # Edit {path-to} to match the location of your copy of Mozilla's # fork of libwebrtc (at export MOZ_LIBWEBRTC_SRC=$$STATE_DIR/moz-libwebrtc # The previous fast-forward bug number is used for some error messaging. export MOZ_PRIOR_FASTFORWARD_BUG="$priorbugnum" # Fast-forwarding each Chromium version of libwebrtc should be done # under a separate bugzilla bug. This bug number is used when crafting # the commit summary as each upstream commit is vendored into the # mercurial repository. The bug used for the v106 fast-forward was # 1800920. export MOZ_FASTFORWARD_BUG="$bugnum" # MOZ_NEXT_LIBWEBRTC_MILESTONE and MOZ_NEXT_FIREFOX_REL_TARGET are # not used during fast-forward processing, but facilitate generating this # default config. To generate an default config for the next update, run # bash dom/media/webrtc/third_party_build/ export MOZ_NEXT_LIBWEBRTC_MILESTONE=$m2 export MOZ_NEXT_FIREFOX_REL_TARGET=$t2 # For Chromium release branches, see: # # Chromium's v$m1 release branch was $bh1. This is used to pre-stack # the previous release branch's commits onto the appropriate base commit # (the first common commit between trunk and the release branch). export MOZ_PRIOR_UPSTREAM_BRANCH_HEAD_NUM="$bh1" # New target release branch for v$m2 is branch-heads/$bh2. This is used # to calculate the next upstream commit. export MOZ_TARGET_UPSTREAM_BRANCH_HEAD="branch-heads/$bh2" # For local development 'mozpatches' is fine for a branch name, but when # pushing the patch stack to github, it should be named something like # 'moz-mods-chr$m2-for-rel$t2'. export MOZ_LIBWEBRTC_BRANCH="mozpatches" # After elm has been merged to mozilla-central, the patch stack in # moz-libwebrtc should be pushed to github. The script # uses this branch name when pushing to the # public repo. export MOZ_LIBWEBRTC_OFFICIAL_BRANCH="moz-mods-chr$m2-for-rel$t2" 4308