Name Description Size
BrowsingContext.webidl The sandbox flags on the browsing context. These reflect the value of the sandbox attribute of the associated IFRAME or CSP-protectable content, if existent. See the HTML5 spec for more details. These flags on the browsing context reflect the current state of the sandbox attribute, which is modifiable. They are only used when loading new content, sandbox flags are also immutably set on the document when it is loaded. The sandbox flags of a document depend on the sandbox flags on its browsing context and of its parent document, if any. See nsSandboxFlags.h for the possible flags. 6853
ChannelWrapper.webidl Load types that correspond to the external types in nsIContentPolicy.idl. Please also update that IDL when updating this list. 17174
ChromeUtils.webidl An optimized QueryInterface method, generated by generateQI. For JS callers, this behaves like a normal QueryInterface function. When called with a supported interface, it returns its `this` object. When called with an unsupported interface, it throws NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE. C++ callers use a fast path, and never call the JSAPI or WebIDL methods of this object. 25487
ClonedErrorHolder.webidl A stub object to hold an Error, Exception, or DOMException object to be transferred via structured clone. The object will automatically be decoded directly into the type of the error object that it wraps. This is a temporary workaround for lack of native Error and Exception cloning support, and can be removed once bug 1556604 and bug 1561357 are fixed. 693
DOMCollectedFrames.webidl A single frame collected by the |CompositionRecorder|. 893
DOMLocalization.webidl DOMLocalization is an extension of the Fluent Localization API. DOMLocalization adds a state for storing `roots` - DOM elements which translation status is controlled by the DOMLocalization instance and monitored for mutations. DOMLocalization also adds methods dedicated to DOM manipulation. Methods: - connectRoot - add a root - disconnectRoot - remove a root - pauseObserving - pause observing of roots - resumeObserving - resume observing of roots - setAttributes - set l10n attributes of an element - getAttributes - retrieve l10n attributes of an element - translateFragment - translate a DOM fragment - translateElements - translate a list of DOM elements - translateRoots - translate all attached roots 5669
DebuggerNotification.webidl 1636
DebuggerNotificationObserver.webidl 1090
DebuggerUtils.webidl 566
DocumentL10n.webidl DocumentL10n is a public interface for handling DOM localization. In it's current form it exposes the DOMLocalization API which allows for localization-specific DOM operations on a defined localization context, and retrival of formatted localization messages out of that context. The context is created when `<link rel="localization"/>` elements are added to the document, and is removed in case all links of that type are removed from it. 2055
DominatorTree.webidl In a directed graph with a root node `R`, a node `A` is said to "dominate" a node `B` iff every path from `R` to `B` contains `A`. A node `A` is said to be the "immediate dominator" of a node `B` iff it dominates `B`, is not `B` itself, and does not dominate any other nodes which also dominate `B` in turn. If we take every node from a graph `G` and create a new graph `T` with edges to each node from its immediate dominator, then `T` is a tree (each node has only one immediate dominator, or none if it is the root). This tree is called a "dominator tree". This interface represents a dominator tree constructed from a HeapSnapshot's heap graph. The domination relationship and dominator trees are useful tools for analyzing heap graphs because they tell you: - Exactly what could be reclaimed by the GC if some node `A` became unreachable: those nodes which are dominated by `A`, - The "retained size" of a node in the heap graph, in contrast to its "shallow size". The "shallow size" is the space taken by a node itself, not counting anything it references. The "retained size" of a node is its shallow size plus the size of all the things that would be collected if the original node wasn't (directly or indirectly) referencing them. In other words, the retained size is the shallow size of a node plus the shallow sizes of every other node it dominates. For example, the root node in a binary tree might have a small shallow size that does not take up much space itself, but it dominates the rest of the binary tree and its retained size is therefore significant (assuming no external references into the tree). 3117
Flex.webidl These objects support visualization of flex containers by the dev tools. 2952
Fluent.webidl FluentMessage is a structure storing an unresolved L10nMessage, as returned by the Fluent Bundle. It stores a FluentPattern of the value and attributes, which can be then passed to bundle.formatPattern. 1573
FrameLoader.webidl Get the docshell from the frame loader. 6314
HeapSnapshot.webidl A HeapSnapshot represents a snapshot of the heap graph 3810
IOUtils.webidl Reads up to |maxBytes| of the file at |path|. If |maxBytes| is unspecified, the entire file is read. @param path An absolute file path. @param maxBytes The max bytes to read from the file at path. 5327
InspectorUtils.webidl A collection of utility methods for use by devtools. See InspectorUtils.h for documentation on these methods. 7706
IteratorResult.webidl A dictionary which represents the result of a call to a next() method on a JS iterator object. 545
JSActor.webidl WebIDL callback interface version of the nsIObserver interface for use when calling the observe method on JSActors. NOTE: This isn't marked as ChromeOnly, as it has no interface object, and thus cannot be conditionally exposed. 1883
JSProcessActor.webidl An actor architecture designed to allow compositional parent/content communications. The lifetime of a JSProcessActor{Child, Parent} is the `ContentParent` (for the parent-side) / `ContentChild` (for the child-side). 2548
JSWindowActor.webidl An actor architecture designed to allow compositional parent/content communications. The lifetime of a JSWindowActor{Child, Parent} is the `WindowGlobalParent` (for the parent-side) / `WindowGlobalChild` (for the child-side). See for more details on how to use this architecture. 4927
L10nOverlays.webidl 930
Localization.webidl L10nIdArgs is an object used to carry localization tuple for message translation. Fields: id - identifier of a message. args - an optional record of arguments used to format the message. The argument will be converted to/from JSON, and the API will only handle strings and numbers. 5925
MatchGlob.webidl Represents a simple glob pattern matcher. Any occurrence of "*" in the glob pattern matches any literal string of characters in the string being compared. Additionally, if created with `allowQuestion = true`, any occurrence of "?" in the glob matches any single literal character. 855
MatchPattern.webidl A URL match pattern as used by the WebExtension and Chrome extension APIs. A match pattern is a string with one of the following formats: - "<all_urls>" The literal string "<all_urls>" matches any URL with a supported protocol. - <proto>://<host>/<path> A URL pattern with the following placeholders: - <proto> The protocol to match, or "*" to match either "http" or "https". - <host> The hostname to match. May be either a complete, literal hostname to match a specific host, the wildcard character "*", to match any host, or a subdomain pattern, with "*." followed by a domain name, to match that domain name or any subdomain thereof. - <path> A glob pattern for paths to match. A "*" may appear anywhere within the path, and will match any string of characters. If no "*" appears, the URL path must exactly match the pattern path. 4456
MediaController.webidl This enum lists all supported behaviors on the media controller. 1386
MessageManager.webidl 19186
MozDocumentObserver.webidl 690
MozSharedMap.webidl Sets the given key to the given structured-clonable value. The value is synchronously structured cloned, and the serialized value is saved in the map. Unless flush() is called, the new value will be broadcast to content processes after a short delay. 1501
MozStorageAsyncStatementParams.webidl 602
MozStorageStatementParams.webidl 597
MozStorageStatementRow.webidl 394
PlacesEvent.webidl data: PlacesVisit. Fired whenever a page is visited. 4494
PlacesObservers.webidl 1157
PrecompiledScript.webidl Represents a pre-compiled JS script, which can be repeatedly executed in different globals without being re-parsed. 1068
PrioEncoder.webidl 561
PromiseDebugging.webidl This is a utility namespace for promise-debugging functionality 3673
SessionStoreUtils.webidl A callback passed to SessionStoreUtils.forEachNonDynamicChildFrame(). 6368
StructuredCloneHolder.webidl A holder for structured-clonable data which can itself be cloned with little overhead, and deserialized into an arbitrary global. 1182
TelemetryStopwatch.webidl Starts a timer associated with a telemetry histogram. The timer can be directly associated with a histogram, or with a pair of a histogram and an object. @param histogram - a string which must be a valid histogram name. @param obj - Optional parameter. If specified, the timer is associated with this object, meaning that multiple timers for the same histogram may be run concurrently, as long as they are associated with different objects. @param [options.inSeconds=false] - record elapsed time for this histogram in seconds instead of milliseconds. Defaults to false. @returns True if the timer was successfully started, false otherwise. If a timer already exists, it can't be started again, and the existing one will be cleared in order to avoid measurements errors. 9868
WebExtensionContentScript.webidl Returns true if the script's match and exclude patterns match the given URI, without reference to attributes such as `allFrames`. 5441
WebExtensionPolicy.webidl Defines the platform-level policies for a WebExtension, including its permissions and the characteristics of its moz-extension: URLs. 8924
WindowGlobalActors.webidl Get or create the JSWindowActor with the given name. See WindowActorOptions from JSWindowActor.webidl for details on how to customize actor creation. 5186
XULFrameElement.webidl The optional open window information provided by the window creation code and used to initialize a new browser. 954
XULMenuElement.webidl 527
XULTextElement.webidl 488
XULTreeElement.webidl Obtain the columns. 4806 2500