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/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
* You can obtain one at
* A collection of utility methods for use by devtools.
* See InspectorUtils.h for documentation on these methods.
namespace InspectorUtils {
// documentOnly tells whether user and UA sheets should get included.
sequence<StyleSheet> getAllStyleSheets(Document document, optional boolean documentOnly = false);
sequence<CSSStyleRule> getCSSStyleRules(
Element element,
optional [LegacyNullToEmptyString] DOMString pseudo = "",
optional boolean relevantLinkVisited = false);
unsigned long getRuleLine(CSSRule rule);
unsigned long getRuleColumn(CSSRule rule);
unsigned long getRelativeRuleLine(CSSRule rule);
sequence<unsigned long> getRuleIndex(CSSRule rule);
boolean hasRulesModifiedByCSSOM(CSSStyleSheet sheet);
// Get a flat list of all rules (including nested ones) of a given stylesheet.
// Useful for DevTools as this is faster than in JS where we'd have a lot of
// proxy access overhead building the same list.
sequence<CSSRule> getAllStyleSheetCSSStyleRules(CSSStyleSheet sheet);
boolean isInheritedProperty(Document document, UTF8String property);
sequence<DOMString> getCSSPropertyNames(optional PropertyNamesOptions options = {});
sequence<PropertyPref> getCSSPropertyPrefs();
[Throws] sequence<DOMString> getCSSValuesForProperty(UTF8String property);
UTF8String rgbToColorName(octet r, octet g, octet b);
InspectorRGBATuple? colorToRGBA(UTF8String colorString, optional Document? doc = null);
InspectorColorToResult? colorTo(UTF8String fromColor, UTF8String toColorSpace);
boolean isValidCSSColor(UTF8String colorString);
[Throws] sequence<DOMString> getSubpropertiesForCSSProperty(UTF8String property);
[Throws] boolean cssPropertyIsShorthand(UTF8String property);
[Throws] boolean cssPropertySupportsType(UTF8String property, InspectorPropertyType type);
// A version of CSS.supports that allows you to set UA or chrome context.
boolean supports(UTF8String conditionText, optional SupportsOptions options = {});
boolean isIgnorableWhitespace(CharacterData dataNode);
Node? getParentForNode(Node node, boolean showingAnonymousContent);
sequence<Node> getChildrenForNode(Node node,
boolean showingAnonymousContent,
boolean includeAssignedNodes);
[Throws] boolean setContentState(Element element, unsigned long long state);
[Throws] boolean removeContentState(
Element element,
unsigned long long state,
optional boolean clearActiveDocument = false);
unsigned long long getContentState(Element element);
// Get the font face(s) actually used to render the text in /range/,
// as a collection of InspectorFontFace objects (below).
// If /maxRanges/ is greater than zero, each InspectorFontFace will record
// up to /maxRanges/ fragments of content that used the face, for the caller
// to access via its .ranges attribute.
[NewObject, Throws] sequence<InspectorFontFace> getUsedFontFaces(
Range range,
optional unsigned long maxRanges = 0,
optional boolean skipCollapsedWhitespace = true);
sequence<DOMString> getCSSPseudoElementNames();
undefined addPseudoClassLock(Element element,
DOMString pseudoClass,
optional boolean enabled = true);
undefined removePseudoClassLock(Element element, DOMString pseudoClass);
boolean hasPseudoClassLock(Element element, DOMString pseudoClass);
undefined clearPseudoClassLocks(Element element);
[Throws] undefined parseStyleSheet(CSSStyleSheet sheet, UTF8String input);
boolean isCustomElementName([LegacyNullToEmptyString] DOMString name,
DOMString? namespaceURI);
boolean isElementThemed(Element element);
Element? containingBlockOf(Element element);
// If the element is styled as display:block, returns an array of numbers giving
// the number of lines in each fragment.
// Returns null if the element is not a block.
[NewObject] sequence<unsigned long>? getBlockLineCounts(Element element);
[NewObject] NodeList getOverflowingChildrenOfElement(Element element);
sequence<DOMString> getRegisteredCssHighlights(Document document, optional boolean activeOnly = false);
sequence<InspectorCSSPropertyDefinition> getCSSRegisteredProperties(Document document);
dictionary SupportsOptions {
boolean userAgent = false;
boolean chrome = false;
boolean quirks = false;
dictionary PropertyNamesOptions {
boolean includeAliases = false;
boolean includeShorthands = true;
boolean includeExperimentals = false;
dictionary PropertyPref {
required DOMString name;
required DOMString pref;
dictionary InspectorRGBATuple {
* NOTE: This tuple is in the normal 0-255-sized RGB space but can be
* fractional and may extend outside the 0-255 range.
* a is in the range 0 - 1.
double r = 0;
double g = 0;
double b = 0;
double a = 1;
dictionary InspectorColorToResult {
required DOMString color;
required sequence<float> components;
required boolean adjusted;
// Any update to this enum should probably also update
// devtools/shared/css/constants.js
enum InspectorPropertyType {
dictionary InspectorVariationAxis {
required DOMString tag;
required DOMString name;
required float minValue;
required float maxValue;
required float defaultValue;
dictionary InspectorVariationValue {
required DOMString axis;
required float value;
dictionary InspectorVariationInstance {
required DOMString name;
required sequence<InspectorVariationValue> values;
dictionary InspectorFontFeature {
required DOMString tag;
required DOMString script;
required DOMString languageSystem;
dictionary InspectorCSSPropertyDefinition {
required UTF8String name;
required UTF8String syntax;
required boolean inherits;
required UTF8String? initialValue;
required boolean fromJS;
interface InspectorFontFace {
// An indication of how we found this font during font-matching.
// Note that the same physical font may have been found in multiple ways within a range.
readonly attribute boolean fromFontGroup;
readonly attribute boolean fromLanguagePrefs;
readonly attribute boolean fromSystemFallback;
// available for all fonts
readonly attribute DOMString name; // full font name as obtained from the font resource
readonly attribute DOMString CSSFamilyName; // a family name that could be used in CSS font-family
// (not necessarily the actual name that was used,
// due to aliases, generics, localized names, etc)
readonly attribute DOMString CSSGeneric; // CSS generic (serif, sans-serif, etc) that was mapped
// to this font, if any (frequently empty!)
[NewObject,Throws] sequence<InspectorVariationAxis> getVariationAxes();
[NewObject,Throws] sequence<InspectorVariationInstance> getVariationInstances();
[NewObject,Throws] sequence<InspectorFontFeature> getFeatures();
// A list of Ranges of text rendered with this face.
// This will list the first /maxRanges/ ranges found when InspectorUtils.getUsedFontFaces
// was called (so it will be empty unless a non-zero maxRanges argument was passed).
// Note that this indicates how the document was rendered at the time of calling
// getUsedFontFaces; it does not reflect any subsequent modifications, so if styles
// have been modified since calling getUsedFontFaces, it may no longer be accurate.
[Constant,Cached] readonly attribute sequence<Range> ranges;
// meaningful only when the font is a user font defined using @font-face
readonly attribute CSSFontFaceRule? rule; // null if no associated @font-face rule
readonly attribute long srcIndex; // index in the rule's src list, -1 if no @font-face rule
readonly attribute DOMString URI; // empty string if not a downloaded font, i.e. local
readonly attribute DOMString localName; // empty string if not a src:local(...) rule
readonly attribute DOMString format; // as per
readonly attribute DOMString metadata; // XML metadata from WOFF file (if any)