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/* -*- Mode: IDL; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
interface nsIDocShell;
interface nsISecureBrowserUI;
interface nsIWebProgress;
interface mixin LoadContextMixin {
readonly attribute WindowProxy? associatedWindow;
readonly attribute WindowProxy? topWindow;
readonly attribute Element? topFrameElement;
readonly attribute boolean isContent;
attribute boolean usePrivateBrowsing;
readonly attribute boolean useRemoteTabs;
readonly attribute boolean useRemoteSubframes;
[BinaryName="useTrackingProtectionWebIDL", SetterThrows]
attribute boolean useTrackingProtection;
[NewObject, Throws]
readonly attribute any originAttributes;
[Exposed=Window, ChromeOnly]
interface BrowsingContext {
static BrowsingContext? get(unsigned long long aId);
static BrowsingContext? getFromWindow(WindowProxy window);
sequence<BrowsingContext> getAllBrowsingContextsInSubtree();
BrowsingContext? findChildWithName(DOMString name, BrowsingContext accessor);
BrowsingContext? findWithName(DOMString name);
readonly attribute DOMString name;
readonly attribute BrowsingContext? parent;
readonly attribute BrowsingContext top;
[Cached, Frozen, Pure]
readonly attribute sequence<BrowsingContext> children;
readonly attribute nsIDocShell? docShell;
readonly attribute Element? embedderElement;
readonly attribute unsigned long long id;
readonly attribute BrowsingContext? opener;
readonly attribute BrowsingContextGroup group;
readonly attribute WindowProxy? window;
readonly attribute WindowContext? currentWindowContext;
readonly attribute WindowContext? parentWindowContext;
readonly attribute WindowContext? topWindowContext;
[SetterThrows] attribute [TreatNullAs=EmptyString] DOMString customPlatform;
[SetterThrows] attribute [TreatNullAs=EmptyString] DOMString customUserAgent;
readonly attribute DOMString embedderElementType;
* The sandbox flags on the browsing context. These reflect the value of the
* sandbox attribute of the associated IFRAME or CSP-protectable content, if
* existent. See the HTML5 spec for more details.
* These flags on the browsing context reflect the current state of the
* sandbox attribute, which is modifiable. They are only used when loading new
* content, sandbox flags are also immutably set on the document when it is
* loaded.
* The sandbox flags of a document depend on the sandbox flags on its
* browsing context and of its parent document, if any.
* See nsSandboxFlags.h for the possible flags.
[SetterThrows] attribute unsigned long sandboxFlags;
// The inRDMPane flag indicates whether or not Responsive Design Mode is
// active for the browsing context.
[SetterThrows] attribute boolean inRDMPane;
[SetterThrows] attribute float fullZoom;
[SetterThrows] attribute float textZoom;
* Whether this docshell should save entries in global history.
[SetterThrows] attribute boolean useGlobalHistory;
// Extension to give chrome JS the ability to set the window screen
// orientation while in RDM.
[Throws] void setRDMPaneOrientation(OrientationType type, float rotationAngle);
// Extension to give chrome JS the ability to set a maxTouchPoints override
// while in RDM.
[Throws] void setRDMPaneMaxTouchPoints(octet maxTouchPoints);
// The watchedByDevTools flag indicates whether or not DevTools are currently
// debugging this browsing context.
[SetterThrows] attribute boolean watchedByDevTools;
* A unique identifier for the browser element that is hosting this
* BrowsingContext tree. Every BrowsingContext in the element's tree will
* return the same ID in all processes and it will remain stable regardless of
* process changes. When a browser element's frameloader is switched to
* another browser element this ID will remain the same but hosted under the
* under the new browser element.
[SetterThrows] attribute unsigned long long browserId;
readonly attribute ChildSHistory? childSessionHistory;
BrowsingContext includes LoadContextMixin;
[Exposed=Window, ChromeOnly]
interface CanonicalBrowsingContext : BrowsingContext {
sequence<WindowGlobalParent> getWindowGlobals();
readonly attribute WindowGlobalParent? currentWindowGlobal;
readonly attribute WindowProxy? topChromeWindow;
// XXX(nika): This feels kinda hacky, but will do for now while we don't
// synchronously create WindowGlobalParent. It can throw if somehow the
// content process has died.
readonly attribute UTF8String? currentRemoteType;
readonly attribute WindowGlobalParent? embedderWindowGlobal;
void notifyStartDelayedAutoplayMedia();
[Throws] void notifyMediaMutedChanged(boolean muted);
readonly attribute nsISecureBrowserUI? secureBrowserUI;
* Returns an nsIWebProgress object for this BrowsingContext, if this
* is a top-level content BC.
* Progress listeners attached to this will get notifications filtered by
* nsBrowserStatusFilter, and don't get any notifications from sub frames.
readonly attribute nsIWebProgress? webProgress;
static unsigned long countSiteOrigins(sequence<BrowsingContext> roots);
* Loads a given URI. This will give priority to loading the requested URI
* in the object implementing this interface. If it can't be loaded here
* however, the URI dispatcher will go through its normal process of content
* loading.
* @param aURI
* The URI string to load. For HTTP and FTP URLs and possibly others,
* characters above U+007F will be converted to UTF-8 and then URL-
* escaped per the rules of RFC 2396.
* @param aLoadURIOptions
* A JSObject defined in LoadURIOptions.webidl holding info like e.g.
* the triggeringPrincipal, the referrer info.
void loadURI(DOMString aURI, optional LoadURIOptions aOptions = {});
* These methods implement the nsIWebNavigation methods of the same names
void goBack(optional long aCancelContentJSEpoch, optional boolean aRequireUserInteraction = false);
void goForward(optional long aCancelContentJSEpoch, optional boolean aRequireUserInteraction = false);
void goToIndex(long aIndex, optional long aCancelContentJSEpoch);
void reload(unsigned long aReloadFlags);
void stop(unsigned long aStopFlags);
readonly attribute nsISHistory? sessionHistory;
readonly attribute MediaController? mediaController;
[Exposed=Window, ChromeOnly]
interface BrowsingContextGroup {
sequence<BrowsingContext> getToplevels();
readonly attribute unsigned long long id;