Name Description Size
file_animate_xrays.html 357
test_animate_xrays.html 1596
test_animation_observers_async.html Test chrome-only MutationObserver animation notifications (async tests) 23808
test_animation_observers_sync.html Test chrome-only MutationObserver animation notifications (sync tests) 60673
test_animation_performance_warning.html Bug 1196114 - Test metadata related to which animation properties are running on the compositor 51044
test_animation_properties.html Bug 1254419 - Test the values returned by KeyframeEffect.getProperties() 45520
test_animation_properties_display.html Bug 1536688 - Test that 'display' is not included in KeyframeEffect.getProperties() when using shorthand 'all' 979
test_cssanimation_missing_keyframes.html Bug 1339332 - Test for missing keyframes in CSS Animation 1921
test_generated_content_getAnimations.html Test getAnimations() for generated-content elements 2547
test_keyframe_effect_xrays.html 1809
test_mutation_observer_for_element_removal_in_shadow_tree.html 1332
test_running_on_compositor.html Bug 1045994 - Add a chrome-only property to inspect if an animation is running on the compositor or not 63475