Name Description Size
Animation.cpp static 64550
Animation.h Utility function to get the target (pseudo-)element associated with an animation. 24951
AnimationComparator.h 1023
AnimationEffect.cpp 12864
AnimationEffect.h Returns true if this effect animates one of the properties we consider geometric properties, e.g. properties such as 'width' or 'margin-left' that we try to synchronize with transform animations, on a valid target element. 3335
AnimationEventDispatcher.cpp 2270
AnimationEventDispatcher.h WidgetEvent 8255
AnimationPerformanceWarning.cpp 3027
AnimationPerformanceWarning.h 2835
AnimationPropertySegment.h 2037
AnimationTarget.h 3650
AnimationTimeline.cpp 1975
AnimationTimeline.h Returns true if the times returned by GetCurrentTimeAsDuration() are convertible to and from wallclock-based TimeStamp (e.g. from TimeStamp::Now()) values using ToTimelineTime() and ToTimeStamp(). Typically this is true, but it will be false in the case when this timeline has no refresh driver or is tied to a refresh driver under test control. 4118
AnimationUtils.cpp static 2770
AnimationUtils.h Get the document from the JS context to use when parsing CSS properties. 2796
CSSAnimation.cpp 12930
CSSAnimation.h 9565
CSSPseudoElement.cpp static 3233
CSSPseudoElement.h 2759
CSSTransition.cpp 12784
CSSTransition.h 9528
ComputedTiming.h Stores the results of calculating the timing properties of an animation at a given sample time. 2792
ComputedTimingFunction.cpp 7650
ComputedTimingFunction.h 4889
DocumentTimeline.cpp static 10561
DocumentTimeline.h 3229
EffectCompositor.cpp static 37100
EffectCompositor.h 11618
EffectSet.cpp static 6656
EffectSet.h 9418
Keyframe.h A property-value pair specified on a keyframe. 2934
KeyframeEffect.cpp 74559
KeyframeEffect.h 21756
KeyframeEffectParams.h 914
KeyframeUtils.cpp A property-values pair obtained from the open-ended properties discovered on a regular keyframe or property-indexed keyframe object. Single values (as required by a regular keyframe, and as also supported on property-indexed keyframes) are stored as the only element in mValues. 47691
KeyframeUtils.h Utility methods for processing keyframes. 4064
PendingAnimationTracker.cpp 7522
PendingAnimationTracker.h Looks amongst the set of play-pending animations, and, if there are animations that affect geometric properties, notifies all play-pending animations so that they can be synchronized, if needed. 3852
PostRestyleMode.h 528
PseudoElementHashEntry.h 1808
TimingParams.cpp static 6589
TimingParams.h 8316 1817
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