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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_ElementAnimationData_h
#define mozilla_ElementAnimationData_h
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"
#include "mozilla/PseudoStyleType.h"
class nsCycleCollectionTraversalCallback;
namespace mozilla {
enum class PseudoStyleType : uint8_t;
class EffectSet;
template <typename Animation>
class AnimationCollection;
template <typename TimelineType>
class TimelineCollection;
namespace dom {
class Element;
class CSSAnimation;
class CSSTransition;
class ProgressTimelineScheduler;
class ScrollTimeline;
class ViewTimeline;
} // namespace dom
using CSSAnimationCollection = AnimationCollection<dom::CSSAnimation>;
using CSSTransitionCollection = AnimationCollection<dom::CSSTransition>;
using ScrollTimelineCollection = TimelineCollection<dom::ScrollTimeline>;
using ViewTimelineCollection = TimelineCollection<dom::ViewTimeline>;
// The animation data for a given element (and its pseudo-elements).
class ElementAnimationData {
struct PerElementOrPseudoData {
UniquePtr<EffectSet> mEffectSet;
UniquePtr<CSSAnimationCollection> mAnimations;
UniquePtr<CSSTransitionCollection> mTransitions;
// Note: scroll-timeline-name is applied to elements which could be
// scroll containers, or replaced elements. view-timeline-name is applied to
// all elements. However, the named timeline is referenceable in
// animation-timeline by the tree order scope.
// So it should be fine to create timeline objects only on the elements and
// pseudo elements which support animations.
UniquePtr<ScrollTimelineCollection> mScrollTimelines;
UniquePtr<ViewTimelineCollection> mViewTimelines;
// This is different from |mScrollTimelines|. We use this to schedule all
// scroll-driven animations (which use anonymous/named scroll timelines or
// anonymous/name view timelines) for a specific scroll source (which is the
// element with ScrollContainerFrame).
// TimelineCollection owns and manages the named progress timeline generated
// by specifying scroll-timeline-name property and view-timeline-name
// property on this element. However, the anonymous progress timelines (e.g.
// animation-timeline:scroll()) are owned by Animation objects only.
// Note:
// 1. For named scroll timelines. The element which specifies
// scroll-timeline-name is the scroll source. However, for named view
// timelines, the element which specifies view-timeline-name may not be
// the scroll source because we use its nearest scroll container as the
// scroll source.
// 2. For anonymous progress timelines, we don't keep their timeline obejcts
// in TimelineCollection.
// So, per 1) and 2), we use |mProgressTimelineScheduler| for the scroll
// source element to schedule scroll-driven animations.
UniquePtr<dom::ProgressTimelineScheduler> mProgressTimelineScheduler;
EffectSet& DoEnsureEffectSet();
CSSTransitionCollection& DoEnsureTransitions(dom::Element&,
CSSAnimationCollection& DoEnsureAnimations(dom::Element&, PseudoStyleType);
ScrollTimelineCollection& DoEnsureScrollTimelines(dom::Element&,
ViewTimelineCollection& DoEnsureViewTimelines(dom::Element&,
dom::ProgressTimelineScheduler& DoEnsureProgressTimelineScheduler(
dom::Element&, PseudoStyleType);
void DoClearEffectSet();
void DoClearTransitions();
void DoClearAnimations();
void DoClearScrollTimelines();
void DoClearViewTimelines();
void DoClearProgressTimelineScheduler();
void Traverse(nsCycleCollectionTraversalCallback&);
PerElementOrPseudoData mElementData;
// TODO(emilio): Maybe this should be a hash map eventually, once we allow
// animating all pseudo-elements.
PerElementOrPseudoData mBeforeData;
PerElementOrPseudoData mAfterData;
PerElementOrPseudoData mMarkerData;
const PerElementOrPseudoData& DataFor(PseudoStyleType aType) const {
switch (aType) {
case PseudoStyleType::NotPseudo:
case PseudoStyleType::before:
return mBeforeData;
case PseudoStyleType::after:
return mAfterData;
case PseudoStyleType::marker:
return mMarkerData;
"Should not try to get animation effects for "
"a pseudo other that :before, :after or ::marker");
return mElementData;
PerElementOrPseudoData& DataFor(PseudoStyleType aType) {
const auto& data =
const_cast<const ElementAnimationData*>(this)->DataFor(aType);
return const_cast<PerElementOrPseudoData&>(data);
void Traverse(nsCycleCollectionTraversalCallback&);
void ClearAllAnimationCollections();
EffectSet* GetEffectSetFor(PseudoStyleType aType) const {
return DataFor(aType).mEffectSet.get();
void ClearEffectSetFor(PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (data.mEffectSet) {
EffectSet& EnsureEffectSetFor(PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (auto* set = data.mEffectSet.get()) {
return *set;
return data.DoEnsureEffectSet();
CSSTransitionCollection* GetTransitionCollection(PseudoStyleType aType) {
return DataFor(aType).mTransitions.get();
void ClearTransitionCollectionFor(PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (data.mTransitions) {
CSSTransitionCollection& EnsureTransitionCollection(dom::Element& aOwner,
PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (auto* collection = data.mTransitions.get()) {
return *collection;
return data.DoEnsureTransitions(aOwner, aType);
CSSAnimationCollection* GetAnimationCollection(PseudoStyleType aType) {
return DataFor(aType).mAnimations.get();
void ClearAnimationCollectionFor(PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (data.mAnimations) {
CSSAnimationCollection& EnsureAnimationCollection(dom::Element& aOwner,
PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (auto* collection = data.mAnimations.get()) {
return *collection;
return data.DoEnsureAnimations(aOwner, aType);
ScrollTimelineCollection* GetScrollTimelineCollection(PseudoStyleType aType) {
return DataFor(aType).mScrollTimelines.get();
void ClearScrollTimelineCollectionFor(PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (data.mScrollTimelines) {
ScrollTimelineCollection& EnsureScrollTimelineCollection(
dom::Element& aOwner, PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (auto* collection = data.mScrollTimelines.get()) {
return *collection;
return data.DoEnsureScrollTimelines(aOwner, aType);
ViewTimelineCollection* GetViewTimelineCollection(PseudoStyleType aType) {
return DataFor(aType).mViewTimelines.get();
void ClearViewTimelineCollectionFor(PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (data.mViewTimelines) {
ViewTimelineCollection& EnsureViewTimelineCollection(dom::Element& aOwner,
PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (auto* collection = data.mViewTimelines.get()) {
return *collection;
return data.DoEnsureViewTimelines(aOwner, aType);
dom::ProgressTimelineScheduler* GetProgressTimelineScheduler(
PseudoStyleType aType) {
return DataFor(aType).mProgressTimelineScheduler.get();
void ClearProgressTimelineScheduler(PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (data.mProgressTimelineScheduler) {
dom::ProgressTimelineScheduler& EnsureProgressTimelineScheduler(
dom::Element& aOwner, PseudoStyleType aType) {
auto& data = DataFor(aType);
if (auto* collection = data.mProgressTimelineScheduler.get()) {
return *collection;
return data.DoEnsureProgressTimelineScheduler(aOwner, aType);
ElementAnimationData() = default;
} // namespace mozilla