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"compilerOptions": {
"module": "commonjs",
// Set the baseUrl to the root of the project.
"baseUrl": "../../..",
"paths": {
"resource://devtools/*": ["devtools/*"]
// Make the type checking as strict as possible.
"strict": true,
// TypeScript will check JS files only if they have a @ts-check comment in them.
"allowJs": true,
// Only type check, don't emit files.
"noEmit": true,
// Allow esnext syntax. Otherwise the default is ES5 only.
"target": "esnext",
"lib": ["esnext", "dom"],
// Make sure that only this project is taken into account when checking types.
// In the future we'll want to use the same types as in the rest of Gecko, but
// that's not ready yet.
// See Bug 1891209
"typeRoots": ["./@types", "./node_modules/@types"]
"files": ["./@types/gecko.d.ts"],
// Add a @ts-check comment to a JS file to start type checking it.
"include": ["./**/*.js"],
"exclude": [
// For some reason some test files were still being scanned, and creating
// transient errors. Manually exclude this directory until the tests are
// typed.