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background.sys.mjs This file contains all of the background logic for controlling the state and configuration of the profiler. It is in a JSM so that the logic can be shared with both the popup client, and the keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts don't need access to any UI, and need to be loaded independent of the popup. 31325
browser.js @typedef {import("../@types/perf").Action} Action @typedef {import("../@types/perf").Library} Library @typedef {import("../@types/perf").PerfFront} PerfFront @typedef {import("../@types/perf").SymbolTableAsTuple} SymbolTableAsTuple @typedef {import("../@types/perf").RecordingState} RecordingState @typedef {import("../@types/perf").SymbolicationService} SymbolicationService @typedef {import("../@types/perf").PreferenceFront} PreferenceFront @typedef {import("../@types/perf").PerformancePref} PerformancePref @typedef {import("../@types/perf").RecordingSettings} RecordingSettings @typedef {import("../@types/perf").RestartBrowserWithEnvironmentVariable} RestartBrowserWithEnvironmentVariable @typedef {import("../@types/perf").GetActiveBrowserID} GetActiveBrowserID @typedef {import("../@types/perf").MinimallyTypedGeckoProfile} MinimallyTypedGeckoProfile @typedef {import("../@types/perf").ProfilerViewMode} ProfilerViewMode @typedef {import("../@types/perf").ProfilerPanel} ProfilerPanel 6949 527
profiler_get_symbols.js 18666 This directory contains files that are common to all UIs (popup, devtools panel, 329
symbolication.sys.mjs @type {any} 12715
symbolication.worker.js -*- Mode: indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 10574
typescript-lazy-load.sys.mjs TypeScript can't understand the lazyRequireGetter mechanism, due to how it defines properties as a getter. This function, instead provides lazy loading in a TypeScript-friendly manner. It applies the lazy load memoization to each property of the provided object. Example usage: const lazy = createLazyLoaders({ moduleA: () => require("module/a"), moduleB: () => require("module/b"), }); Later: const moduleA = lazy.moduleA(); const { objectInModuleB } = lazy.moduleB(); @template {{ [key: string]: any }} T @param {T} definition - An object where each property has a function that loads a module. @returns {T} - The load memoized version of T. 1270
utils.js @typedef {import("../@types/perf").NumberScaler} NumberScaler @typedef {import("../@types/perf").ScaleFunctions} ScaleFunctions @typedef {import("../@types/perf").FeatureDescription} FeatureDescription 17242