Name Description Size 999
RequestList.js Request panel component 1416
RequestListColumnContentSize.js 1119
RequestListColumnCookies.js 2020
RequestListColumnDomain.js 1729
RequestListColumnFile.js 2564
RequestListColumnInitiator.js 2054
RequestListColumnMethod.js 896
RequestListColumnPriority.js 1011
RequestListColumnProtocol.js 1114
RequestListColumnRemoteIP.js 1188
RequestListColumnResponseHeader.js Renders a response header column in the requests list. The actual header to show is passed as a prop. 1848
RequestListColumnScheme.js 996
RequestListColumnSetCookies.js 2053
RequestListColumnStatus.js 955
RequestListColumnTime.js This component represents a column displaying selected timing value. There are following possible values this column can render: - Start Time - End Time - Response Time - Duration Time - Latency Time 2582
RequestListColumnTransferredSize.js 2895
RequestListColumnType.js 1142
RequestListColumnUrl.js 2371
RequestListColumnWaterfall.js 5397
RequestListContent.js Renders the actual contents of the request list. 17059
RequestListEmptyNotice.js UI displayed when the request list is empty. Contains instructions on reloading the page and on triggering performance analysis of the page. 3644
RequestListHeader.js Render the request list header with sorting arrows for columns. Displays tick marks in the waterfall column header. Also draws the waterfall background canvas and updates it when needed. 24562
RequestListItem.js global RequestListColumnInitiator, RequestListColumnContentSize, RequestListColumnCookies, RequestListColumnDomain, RequestListColumnFile, RequestListColumnMethod, RequestListColumnProtocol, RequestListColumnRemoteIP, RequestListColumnResponseHeader, RequestListColumnScheme, RequestListColumnSetCookies, RequestListColumnStatus, RequestListColumnTime, RequestListColumnTransferredSize, RequestListColumnType, RequestListColumnUrl, RequestListColumnWaterfall, RequestListColumnPriority 12782