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# -*- Mode: python; c-basic-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; tab-width: 40 -*-
# vim: set filetype=python:
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# We support C++14, but we don't want to enable the sized deallocation
# facilities in C++14 yet.
check_and_add_flag("-fno-sized-deallocation", compiler=cxx_compiler)
# Likewise for C++17 and aligned allocation. It's not immediately obvious
# from the clang and GCC documentation, but they both support this.
check_and_add_flag("-fno-aligned-new", compiler=cxx_compiler)
# Please keep these last in this file.
add_old_configure_assignment("_COMPILATION_CFLAGS", compilation_flags.cflags)
add_old_configure_assignment("_COMPILATION_CXXFLAGS", compilation_flags.cxxflags)
add_old_configure_assignment("_COMPILATION_HOST_CFLAGS", compilation_flags.host_cflags)
"_COMPILATION_HOST_CXXFLAGS", compilation_flags.host_cxxflags
help="Use the legacy LLVM pass manager in clang builds",
def pass_manager(enabled, compiler, host, target, pgo, enable_fuzzing, ubsan):
if compiler.type not in ("clang", "clang-cl"):
return None
# As of clang 13, the default pass manager is the new one.
if compiler.version >= "13.0.0":
if enabled:
return namespace(flags=None, enabled=True)
if compiler.type == "clang":
return namespace(flags=["-flegacy-pass-manager"], enabled=False)
if compiler.type == "clang-cl":
return namespace(flags=["-Xclang", "-flegacy-pass-manager"], enabled=False)
if not enabled:
if compiler.version >= "15.0.0":
die("--disable-new-pass-manager is only supported with clang < 15")
return None
if compiler.version < "9.0.0":
if enabled.origin != "default":
die("--enable-new-pass-manager is only supported with clang >= 9")
return None
if host.os == "OSX":
# Some native Mac builds hang with the new pass manager. Given the
# inability to test in CI, don't take the risk of further breakage.
if enabled.origin != "default":
"--enable-new-pass-manager causes problems on mac hosts with clang < 13"
return None
if target.os == "OSX" and not pgo:
# Also disable when cross-compiling to Mac, because plain-ish opt
# builds hang. Variants like asan and ccov work fine, but it would be
# too tedious to test them all here. PGO is the only thing that matters
# enough to make an exception for.
if enabled.origin != "default":
"--enable-new-pass-manager causes problems on mac builds with clang < 13"
return None
if enable_fuzzing and compiler.version < "10.0.0":
# Clang 9 does not seem to play well with libFuzzer
if enabled.origin != "default":
"--enable-new-pass-manager causes problems on fuzzing builds with clang < 10"
return None
if ubsan and compiler.version == "10.0.0":
# Clang 10.0.0 hangs with some ubsan-inserted code constructs.
# This was fixed in 10.0.1 (
if enabled.origin != "default":
"--enable-new-pass-manager causes problems with ubsan builds with clang 10.0.0"
return None
if compiler.type == "clang":
return namespace(flags=["-fexperimental-new-pass-manager"], enabled=True)
elif compiler.type == "clang-cl":
return namespace(
flags=["-Xclang", "-fexperimental-new-pass-manager"], enabled=True
set_config("MOZ_PASS_MANAGER_FLAGS", pass_manager.flags)
# Debugging options
@depends(moz_debug, asan, target, "--enable-jemalloc")
def moz_no_debug_rtl(moz_debug, asan, target, enable_jemalloc):
if not moz_debug or asan:
return True
if enable_jemalloc and target.kernel == "WINNT":
return True
set_config("MOZ_NO_DEBUG_RTL", moz_no_debug_rtl)
# Try to make builds more reproducible and allow sharing built artifacts across
# source and object directories by using -ffile-prefix-map and friends. To
# "unwind" the prefix maps, use:
# (gdb) set substitute-path /topsrcdir/ $topsrcdir/
# (lldb) settings set target.source-map /topobjdir/ $topobjdir/
# See, for example,
@imports(_from="os", _import="sep")
def file_prefix_map_flags(path_remapping, path_remappings, compiler):
if "c" not in path_remapping:
return []
if (compiler.type == "gcc" and compiler.version < "8.1") or (
compiler.type in ("clang", "clang-cl") and compiler.version < "10.0.0"
f"Compiler of type {compiler.type} and version {compiler.version} "
"does not support --enable-path-remapping."
flags = []
for old, new in path_remappings:
# We would prefer to use just -ffile-prefix-map, but clang-cl doesn't
# seem to recognize it.
for flag in ("-fdebug-prefix-map", "-fmacro-prefix-map"):
flag = f"{flag}={old}={new}"
if compiler.type in ("gcc", "clang"):
elif compiler.type == "clang-cl":
flags.extend(["-Xclang", flag])
return flags
set_config("MOZ_FILE_PREFIX_MAP_FLAGS", file_prefix_map_flags)
@depends(developer_options, when=building_with_gnu_cc)
def check_build_id_uuid(developer_options):
return developer_options
@depends(developer_options, when=building_with_gnu_cc)
def check_build_id_sha1(developer_options):
return not developer_options
check_and_add_flag("-pipe", when=building_with_gcc)
check_and_add_linker_flag("-Wl,--build-id=uuid", when=check_build_id_uuid)
check_and_add_linker_flag("-Wl,--build-id=sha1", when=check_build_id_sha1)
check_and_add_asm_flag("-Wa,--noexecstack", when=building_with_gnu_cc)
check_and_add_linker_flag("-Wl,-z,noexecstack", when=building_with_gnu_cc)
check_and_add_linker_flag("-Wl,-z,text", when=building_with_gnu_cc)
check_and_add_linker_flag("-Wl,-z,relro", when=building_with_gnu_cc)
check_and_add_linker_flag("-Wl,-z,now", when=building_with_gnu_cc)
check_and_add_linker_flag("-Wl,-z,nocopyreloc", when=building_with_gnu_cc)
check_and_add_linker_optimize_flag("-Wl,-dead_strip", when=target_is_darwin & ~dtrace)
have_linker_support_ignore_unresolved = try_link(
check_msg="for --ignore-unresolved-symbol option to the linker",
when=building_with_gnu_cc & gcc_use_gnu_ld,
"HAVE_LINKER_SUPPORT_IGNORE_UNRESOLVED", have_linker_support_ignore_unresolved
@depends("--enable-address-sanitizer", building_with_gnu_cc)
def check_Bsymbolic(enable_asan, building_with_gnu_cc):
return enable_asan and building_with_gnu_cc
# ASan assumes no symbols are being interposed, and when that happens,
# it's not happy with it. Inconveniently, since Firefox is exporting
# libffi symbols and Gtk+3 pulls system libffi via libwayland-client,
# system libffi interposes libffi symbols that ASan assumes are in
# libxul, so it barfs about buffer overflows.
# Using -Wl,-Bsymbolic ensures no exported symbol can be interposed.
check_and_add_linker_flag("-Wl,-Bsymbolic", when=check_Bsymbolic)
# Please keep these last in this file.
add_old_configure_assignment("_COMPILATION_ASFLAGS", asm_flags.asflags)
add_old_configure_assignment("_COMPILATION_HOST_ASFLAGS", asm_flags.host_asflags)
add_old_configure_assignment("_COMPILATION_LDFLAGS", linker_flags.ldflags)
"_COMPILATION_OPTIMIZE_LDFLAGS", linker_optimize_flags.ldflags
add_old_configure_assignment("_COMPILATION_HOST_LDFLAGS", linker_flags.host_ldflags)