Name Description Size 2706 0 Parses a given application.ini file and outputs the corresponding StaticXREAppData structure as a C++ header file 2842 1636
autoconf 24 606
build-clang 53
build-infer 3
build_virtualenv_packages.txt 137 691
cargo-host-linker 110
cargo-host-linker.bat 120
cargo-linker 960
cargo-linker.bat 110 Produce a checksum for the file specified by 'filename'. 'filename' is a string path to a file that is opened and read in this function. The checksum algorithm is specified by 'digest' and is a valid OpenSSL algorithm. If the digest used is not valid or Python's hashlib doesn't work, the None object will be returned instead. The size of blocks that this function will read from the file object it opens based on 'filename' can be specified by 'chunk_size', which defaults to 1K 5049
clang-plugin 103
common_virtualenv_packages.txt 4607
compare-mozconfig 2
debian-packages 5 142
docs 30
dumbmake-dependencies 1050
gecko_templates.mozbuild 3877 594 3325 401
gn.mozbuild 996
gyp.mozbuild 4198
gyp_base.mozbuild 1077
gyp_includes 4
liblowercase 3 mach and the build system store shared state in a common directory on the filesystem. The following directory will be created: {userdir} If you would like to use a different directory, hit CTRL+c and set the MOZBUILD_STATE_PATH environment variable to the directory you would like to use and re-run mach. For this change to take effect forever, you'll likely want to export this environment variable from your shell's init scripts. Press ENTER/RETURN to continue or CTRL+c to abort. 21655
mach_virtualenv_packages.txt 81
macosx 5 3812
mobile 1 3952 4376
moz.configure 25
mozconfig.artifact 365
mozconfig.artifact.automation 220
mozconfig.automation 1201
mozconfig.cache 4339
mozconfig.clang-cl 806
mozconfig.comm-support 1974
mozconfig.common 1053
mozconfig.common.override 577
mozconfig.lld-link 166
mozconfig.nasm 342 989
mozconfig.node 350
mozconfig.rust 387
mozconfig.wasm-sandboxing 529 628
non-unified-compat 376
package 1
pgo 8
qemu-wrap 1029
sanitizers 6
sparse-profiles 17 Discards files in a directory older than a specified number of days 4789
templates.mozbuild 6099
test_templates.mozbuild 1360
tests 1
unix 20
update-settings.ini 368 Return the value of the environment variable named v, or None if it's unset (or empty). 3857 Yield a function that provides the elapsed time in seconds since this function was called. 5866
valgrind 6 Read the repository and changelog information from the sourcestamp file. This assumes that the file exists and returns the results as a list (either strings or None in case of error). 3594
win32 9
win64 4
win64-aarch64 2 Resolve source locations of files. Returns a 2-tuple of (Visual Studio Path, SDK Path). 8022
workspace-hack 2
.gdbinit 5682
.gdbinit.loader 1005 352 976