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# -*- Mode: python; indent-tabs-mode: nil; tab-width: 40 -*-
# vim: set filetype=python:
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# Ensure Android SDK and build-tools versions depending on mobile target.
@depends(host, toolchains_base_dir, "--help")
@imports(_from="os.path", _import="isdir")
def default_android_sdk_root(host, toolchains_base_dir, _):
sdk_basename = {
"Darwin": "android-sdk-macosx",
"Linux": "android-sdk-linux",
"WINNT": "android-sdk-windows",
}.get(host.kernel, "android-sdk")
for sdk_basename in (sdk_basename, "android-sdk"):
path = os.path.join(toolchains_base_dir, sdk_basename)
if isdir(path):
return path
help="location where the Android SDK can be found (like ~/.mozbuild/android-sdk-linux){|}",
@imports(_from="os.path", _import="isdir")
def android_sdk_root(value):
if value:
if not isdir(value[0]):
"The path you specified with --with-android-sdk (%s) is not "
"a directory" % value[0]
return value[0]
"You must specify --with-android-sdk=/path/to/sdk when targeting Android, "
"or try |mach bootstrap|."
def android_sdk_version():
# We support Android SDK version 21 and up by default.
# See the --enable-android-min-sdk option below.
# Warning: Before increasing the with-android-min-sdk value, please note several places in
# and out of tree have to be changed. Otherwise, places like Treeherder or
# will advertise a bad API level. This may confuse people. As an example, please look at
# If you think you can't handle the whole set of changes, please reach out to the Release
# Engineering team.
return namespace(
help="Impose a minimum Firefox for Android SDK version",
@depends("--with-android-min-sdk", android_sdk_version.target_sdk_version)
@imports(_from="__builtin__", _import="ValueError")
def valid_android_min_sdk(min_sdk_version, target_sdk_version):
if not min_sdk_version:
die("--without-android-min-sdk is not a valid option")
if int(min_sdk_version[0]) > int(target_sdk_version):
"--with-android-min-sdk is expected to be less than {}".format(
except ValueError:
die("--with-android-min-sdk takes a numerical value")
return min_sdk_version[0]
set_config("MOZ_ANDROID_MIN_SDK_VERSION", valid_android_min_sdk)
@depends(android_sdk_root, android_sdk_version)
@checking("for Android build-tools")
@imports(_from="os.path", _import="exists")
@imports(_from="os.path", _import="isdir")
def android_build_tools(sdk_root, sdk_version):
android_build_tools_base = os.path.join(sdk_root, "build-tools")
version = sdk_version.build_tools_version
if isdir(os.path.join(android_build_tools_base, version)):
tools = os.path.join(android_build_tools_base, version)
for zipalign in ("zipalign", "zipalign.exe"):
if exists(os.path.join(tools, zipalign)):
return [tools]
"You must install the Android build-tools version %s. "
"Try |mach bootstrap|. (Looked for %s/%s)"
% (version, android_build_tools_base, version)
@checking("for Android platform-tools")
@imports(_from="os.path", _import="exists")
@imports(_from="os.path", _import="isdir")
def android_platform_tools(sdk_root):
tools = os.path.join(sdk_root, "platform-tools")
for adb in ("adb", "adb.exe"):
if exists(os.path.join(tools, adb)):
return [tools]
"You must install the Android platform-tools. Try |mach bootstrap|. (Looked for %s)"
% tools
def android_emulator_path(sdk_root):
return [os.path.join(sdk_root, "emulator")]
def check_android_tools(tool, tool_dir):
check = check_prog(
tool.upper(), (tool, tool + ".exe"), paths=tool_dir, allow_missing=True
def require_tool(result):
if result is None:
die("The program %s was not found. Try |mach bootstrap|" % tool)
return result
return require_tool
check_android_tools("zipalign", android_build_tools)
check_android_tools("adb", android_platform_tools)
check_android_tools("emulator", android_emulator_path)
set_config("ANDROID_SDK_ROOT", android_sdk_root)
set_config("ANDROID_BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION", android_sdk_version.build_tools_version)
set_config("ANDROID_TARGET_SDK", android_sdk_version.target_sdk_version)