Name Description Size
a11y.toml 1175
test_ariadialog.html Table creation in ARIA dialog test 2960
test_ariahidden.html aria-hidden tree update tests 3345
test_ariaowns.html @aria-owns attribute testing 25639
test_bug852150.xhtml Canvas subdom mutation 1766
test_bug883708.xhtml 965
test_bug884251.xhtml 449
test_bug895082.html Replace body test 1317
test_bug1040735.html Adopt DOM node from anonymous subtree 1165
test_bug1175913.html Test hide/show events on event listener changes 2866
test_bug1189277.html Test hide/show events for HTMLListBulletAccessibles on list restyle 2339
test_bug1276857.html DOM mutations test 4117
test_bug1276857_subframe.html DOM mutations test 953
test_canvas.html Canvas subdom mutation 2173
test_contextmenu.xhtml 7992
test_cssoverflow.html Testing HTML scrollable frames (css overflow style) 4960
test_deck.xhtml 4600
test_delayed_removal.html Test accessible delayed removal 15222
test_doc.html Test document root content mutations 12742
test_gencontent.html Elements with CSS generated content 5820
test_general.html Testing the tree updates 5156
test_hidden.html @hidden attribute testing 3189
test_imagemap.html HTML img map accessible tree update tests 12168
test_inert.html Inert tree update test 3915
test_inner_reorder.html Test accessible delayed removal 3540
test_list.html Test HTML li and listitem bullet accessible cache 3716
test_list_editabledoc.html Test HTML li and listitem bullet accessible insertion into editable document 2603
test_list_style.html Test hide/show events for HTMLListBulletAccessibles on list restyle 4651
test_listbox.xhtml 4776
test_menu.xhtml 3229
test_menubutton.xhtml 4184
test_optgroup.html Add and remove optgroup test 3474
test_recreation.html Test accessible recreation 2974
test_select.html HTML select options test 5082
test_shadow_slots.html Test shadow roots with slots 20266
test_shutdown.xhtml 3479
test_table.html Table update tests 1935
test_textleaf.html Test accessible recreation 4867
test_tooltip.xhtml 2086
test_visibility.html Style visibility tree update test 11930
test_whitespace.html Whitespace text accessible creation/destruction 5834