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<title>Test hide/show events on event listener changes</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
<script type="application/javascript"
<script type="application/javascript"
<script type="application/javascript"
<script type="application/javascript">
function dummyListener() {}
function testAddListener() {
this.eventSeq = [
new invokerChecker(EVENT_SHOW, getNode("parent")),
this.invoke = function testAddListener_invoke() {
is(getAccessible("parent", null, null, DONOTFAIL_IF_NO_ACC), null, "Check that parent is not accessible.");
is(getAccessible("child", null, null, DONOTFAIL_IF_NO_ACC), null, "Check that child is not accessible.");
getNode("parent").addEventListener("click", dummyListener);
this.finalCheck = function testAddListener_finalCheck() {
var tree = { TEXT: [] };
testAccessibleTree("parent", tree);
this.getID = function testAddListener_getID() {
return "Test that show event is sent when click listener is added";
function testRemoveListener() {
this.eventSeq = [
new unexpectedInvokerChecker(EVENT_HIDE, getNode("parent")),
this.invoke = function testRemoveListener_invoke() {
getNode("parent").removeEventListener("click", dummyListener);
this.finalCheck = function testRemoveListener_finalCheck() {
ok(getAccessible("parent", null, null, DONOTFAIL_IF_NO_ACC),
"Parent stays accessible after click event listener is removed");
ok(!getAccessible("child", null, null, DONOTFAIL_IF_NO_ACC),
"Child stays inaccessible");
this.getID = function testRemoveListener_getID() {
return "Test that hide event is sent when click listener is removed";
var gQueue = null;
function doTest() {
gQueue = new eventQueue();
gQueue.push(new testAddListener());
gQueue.push(new testRemoveListener());
gQueue.invoke(); // SimpleTest.finish();
<a target="_blank"
title="Crash in mozilla::a11y::DocAccessibleParent::RemoveAccessible(ProxyAccessible* aAccessible)">
Mozilla Bug 1175913
<p id="display"></p>
<div id="content" style="display: none"></div>
<pre id="test">
<span id="parent">
<span id="child">