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# Common code used by the automation python scripts.
import subprocess
from pathlib import Path
def step_msg(msg):
print(f"> \033[34m{msg}\033[0m")
def fatal_err(msg):
print(f"\033[31mError: {msg}\033[0m")
def run_cmd_checked(*args, **kwargs):
"""Run a command, throwing an exception if it exits with non-zero status."""
kwargs["check"] = True
return*args, **kwargs)
def check_output(*args, **kwargs):
"""Run a command, throwing an exception if it exits with non-zero status."""
return subprocess.check_output(*args, **kwargs, encoding='utf8')
def ensure_working_tree_clean():
"""Error out if there are un-committed or staged files in the working tree."""
if run_cmd_checked(["git", "status", "--porcelain"], capture_output=True).stdout:
fatal_err("The working tree has un-commited or staged files.")
def find_app_services_root():
"""Find the absolute path of the Application services repository root."""
cur_dir = Path(__file__).parent
while not Path(cur_dir, "LICENSE").exists():
cur_dir = cur_dir.parent
return cur_dir.absolute()
def get_moz_remote():
Get the name of the remote for the official mozilla application-services repo
for line in check_output(["git", "remote", "-v"]).splitlines():
split = line.split()
if (len(split) == 3
and split[1] == ''
and split[2] == '(push)'):
return split[0]
fatal_err("Can't find remote origin for")
def set_gradle_substitution_path(project_dir, name, value):
"""Set a substitution path property in a gradle `` file.
Given the path to a gradle project directory, this helper will set the named
property to the given path value in that directory's `` file.
If the named property already exists with the correct value then it will
silently succeed; if the named property already exists with a different value
then it will noisily fail.
project_dir = Path(project_dir).resolve()
properties_file = project_dir / ""
step_msg(f"Configuring local publication in project at {properties_file}")
name_eq = name + "="
abs_value = Path(value).resolve()
# Check if the named property already exists.
if properties_file.exists():
with as f:
for ln in f:
# Not exactly a thorough parser, but should be good enough...
if ln.startswith(name_eq):
cur_value = ln[len(name_eq):].strip()
if Path(project_dir, cur_value).resolve() != abs_value:
fatal_error(f"Conflicting property {name}={cur_value} (not {abs_value})")
# The file does not contain the required property, append it.
# Note that the project probably expects a path relative to the project root.
ancestor = Path(os.path.commonpath([project_dir, abs_value]))
relpath = Path(".")
for _ in[len(]:
relpath /= ".."
for nm in[len(]:
relpath /= nm
step_msg(f"Setting relative path from {project_dir} to {abs_value} as {relpath}")
with"a") as f:
class RefNames:
Contains the branch and tag names we use for automation.
main -- where new development happens
release_branch -- contains the code for a given major release
release_pr_branch -- Used for PRs against release_branch for a new version
start_release_pr_branch -- Used for PRs against main to start a new major release
def __init__(self, major_version_number, minor_version_number):
major_version_number = int(major_version_number)
minor_version_number = int(minor_version_number)
self.main = "main"
self.release = f"release-v{major_version_number}"
self.release_pr = f"cut-v{major_version_number}.{minor_version_number}"
self.start_release_pr = f"start-release-v{major_version_number+1}"
self.version_tag = f"v{major_version_number}.{minor_version_number}"
if minor_version_number == 0:
self.previous_version_tag = f"v{major_version_number-1}.0"
self.previous_version_tag = f"v{major_version_number}.{minor_version_number-1}"