Name Description Size 2262 1088 The protobuf rust files are outdated. You can fix this yourself by running cargo run --bin protobuf-gen <APP_SERVICES_ROOT>/tools/protobuf_files.toml 816 2940 245 4267 3677 425 Run a command, throwing an exception if it exits with non-zero status. 4580 4010 4205 \ set -o pipefail && \ xcodebuild \ -workspace ./Client.xcodeproj/project.xcworkspace \ -scheme Fennec \ -sdk iphonesimulator \ -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 14' \ test | \ tee raw_xcodetest.log | \ xcpretty && exit "${PIPESTATUS[0]}" 3182
symbols-generation 1411 Run application-services tests This script provides an interface to run our test/linting/formating scripts The first argument specifies the operating mode. This is either a particular type of test (rust-tests, swift-lint, etc.), or it's "changes" which is for devs to test their changes. Changes Mode: - Runs tests/clippy against the changes in your branch as determined by: - `git merge-base` to find the last commit from the main branch - `git diff` to find changed files from that commit - Prioritizes executing the tests in a reasonable amount of time. - Runs linting and formatting (clippy, rustfmt, etc). - Lets rustfmt fix any issues it finds. It's recommended to add or commit code before running the tests so that you can inspect any changes with git diff. Other Modes: - rust-tests - rust-clippy - rust-fmt - ktlint - swiftlint - swiftformat - nss-bindings - gradle - ios-tests - python-tests 15337 913 1567