Name Description Size
nsDecodeAppleFile.cpp Check if the file is complete and if it's the case, write file attributes 11698
nsDecodeAppleFile.h applefile definitions used 2344
nsLocalHandlerAppMac.h NSLOCALHANDLERAPPMAC_H_ 866 mostly copy/pasted from nsMacShellService.cpp (which is in browser/, so we can't depend on it here). This code probably really wants to live somewhere more central (see bug 389922). 2412
nsMIMEInfoMac.h 1074 3484
nsOSHelperAppService.h 2340 This is an undocumented interface (in the Foundation framework) that has been stable since at least 10.2.8 and is still present on SnowLeopard. Furthermore WebKit has three public methods (in WebKitSystemInterface.h) that are thin wrappers around this interface's last three methods. So it's unlikely to change anytime soon. Now that we're no longer using Internet Config Services, this is the only way to look up a MIME type from an extension, or vice versa. 23347