Name Description Size
components.conf 813
ContentHandlerService.cpp static 8528
ContentHandlerService.h 1448
DBusHelpers.h |RefPtrTraits<DBusConnection>| specializes |RefPtrTraits<>| for managing |DBusConnection| with |RefPtr|. |RefPtrTraits<DBusConnection>| will _not_ close the DBus connection upon the final unref. The caller is responsible for closing the connection. 2324
ExternalHelperAppChild.cpp 2803
ExternalHelperAppChild.h 1268
ExternalHelperAppParent.cpp 12465
ExternalHelperAppParent.h Returns true if this fake channel represented a file channel in the child. 3731
ExtHandlerService.sys.mjs Injects new default protocol handlers if the version in the preferences is newer than the one in the data store. 25605
HandlerList.sys.mjs 4694
HandlerServiceChild.h 714
HandlerServiceParent.cpp readonly attribute ACString type; 12308
HandlerServiceParent.h Limit the length of MIME types, filename extensions, and protocol schemes we'll consider. 2888
mac 3490
nsCExternalHandlerService.idl nsCExternalHelperApp implements: ------------------------- nsIExternalHelperAppService 870
nsContentHandlerApp.h 872
nsDBusHandlerApp.cpp 4463
nsDBusHandlerApp.h 802
nsExternalHelperAppService.cpp This must occur *after* base/basictypes.h to avoid typedefs conflicts. 135182
nsExternalHelperAppService.h The helper app service. Responsible for handling content that Mozilla itself can not handle Note that this is an abstract class - we depend on appropriate subclassing on a per-OS basis to implement some methods. 20916
nsExternalProtocolHandler.cpp 16032
nsExternalProtocolHandler.h 1056
nsIContentDispatchChooser.idl This is used to ask a user what they would like to do with a given piece of content. 1426
nsIExternalHelperAppService.idl The external helper app service is used for finding and launching platform specific external applications for a given mime content type. 7971
nsIExternalProtocolService.idl The external protocol service is used for finding and launching web handlers (a la registerProtocolHandler in the HTML5 draft) or platform-specific applications for handling particular protocols. You can ask the external protocol service if it has an external handler for a given protocol scheme. And you can ask it to load the url using the default handler. 6355
nsIHandlerService.idl Asynchronously performs any IO that the nsIHandlerService needs to do before it can be of use. 7727
nsIHelperAppLauncherDialog.idl This interface is used to display a confirmation dialog before launching a "helper app" to handle content not handled by Mozilla. Usage: Clients (of which there is one: the nsIExternalHelperAppService implementation in mozilla/uriloader/exthandler) create an instance of this interface (using the contract ID) and then call the show() method. The dialog is shown non-modally. The implementation of the dialog will access methods of the nsIHelperAppLauncher passed in to show() in order to cause a "save to disk" or "open using" action. 3367
nsISharingHandlerApp.idl 403
nsLocalHandlerApp.cpp This method returns a std::function that will be executed on a thread other than the main thread. To facilitate things, it should effectively be a global function that does not maintain a reference to the this pointer. There should be no reference to any objects that will be shared across threads. Sub-class implementations should make local copies of everything they need and capture those in the callback. 7542
nsLocalHandlerApp.h Launches this application with a single argument (typically either a file path or a URI spec). This is meant as a helper method for implementations of (e.g.) LaunchWithURI. @param aApp The application to launch (may not be null) @param aArg The argument to pass on the command line 2106
nsMIMEInfoChild.h A platform-generic nsMIMEInfo implementation to be used in child process generic code that needs a MIMEInfo with limited functionality. 1622
nsMIMEInfoImpl.cpp static 15950
nsMIMEInfoImpl.h UTF8 moz-icon URI string for the default handler application's icon, if available. 8765
nsOSHelperAppServiceChild.cpp 4368
nsOSHelperAppServiceChild.h Provides a generic implementation of the nsExternalHelperAppService platform-specific methods by remoting calls to the parent process. Only provides implementations for the methods needed in unprivileged child processes. 1946
PExternalHelperApp.ipdl 668
PHandlerService.ipdl Check if an OS handler exists for the given protocol scheme. 1703
WebHandlerApp.sys.mjs 6160