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recommended.js The configuration is based on eslint:recommended config. The details for all the ESLint rules, and which ones are in the recommended configuration can be found here: Rules that we've explicitly decided not to enable: require-await - bug 1381030. no-prototype-builtins - bug 1551829. require-atomic-updates - bug 1551829. - This generates too many false positives that are not easy to work around, and false positives seem to be inherent in the rule. no-inner-declarations - bug 1487642. - Would be interested if this could apply to just vars, but at the moment it doesn't. max-depth - Don't enforce the maximum depth that blocks can be nested. The complexity rule is a better rule to check this. no-useless-escape - bug 1881262. - This doesn't reveal any actual errors, and is a lot of work to address. 11392
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