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globals.js Parses a list of "name:boolean_value" or/and "name" options divided by comma or whitespace. This function was copied from eslint.js @param {string} string The string to parse. @param {Comment} comment The comment node which has the string. @returns {Object} Result map object of names and boolean values 13143
helpers.js Gets the abstract syntax tree (AST) of the JavaScript source code contained in sourceText. This matches the results for an eslint parser, see @param {String} sourceText Text containing valid JavaScript. @param {Object} astOptions Extra configuration to pass to the espree parser, these will override the configuration from getPermissiveConfig(). @param {Object} configOptions Extra options for getPermissiveConfig(). @return {Object} Returns an object containing `ast`, `scopeManager` and `visitorKeys` 28001
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