Name Description Size
crasher_subprocess_head.js 1070
crasher_subprocess_tail.js import-globals-from crasher_subprocess_head.js 428
head_crashreporter.js Run an xpcshell subprocess and crash it. @param setup A string of JavaScript code to execute in the subprocess before crashing. If this is a function and not a string, it will have .toSource() called on it, and turned into a call to itself. (for programmer convenience) This code will be evaluted between crasher_subprocess_head.js and crasher_subprocess_tail.js, so it will have access to everything defined in crasher_subprocess_head.js, which includes "crashReporter", a variable holding the crash reporter service. @param callback A JavaScript function to be called after the subprocess crashes. It will be passed (minidump, extra, extrafile), where - minidump is an nsIFile of the minidump file produced, - extra is an object containing the key,value pairs from the .extra file. - extrafile is an nsIFile of the extra file @param canReturnZero If true, the subprocess may return with a zero exit code. Certain types of crashes may not cause the process to exit with an error. 10452
head_win64cfi.js import-globals-from head_crashreporter.js 6660
test_crash_abort.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 485
test_crash_after_js_large_allocation_failure.js 694
test_crash_after_js_large_allocation_failure_reporting.js 772
test_crash_after_js_oom_recovered.js 608
test_crash_after_js_oom_reported.js 1281
test_crash_after_js_oom_reported_2.js 966
test_crash_AsyncShutdown.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 2464
test_crash_backgroundtask_moz_crash.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 836
test_crash_exc_guard.js 852
test_crash_heap_corruption.js 822
test_crash_modules.js 1361
test_crash_moz_crash.js 558
test_crash_oom.js 561
test_crash_phc.js hasFreeStack 1579
test_crash_purevirtual.js 749
test_crash_rust_panic.js 371
test_crash_rust_panic_multiline.js 391
test_crash_stack_overflow.js 605
test_crash_terminator.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 1319
test_crash_uncaught_exception.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 509
test_crash_win64cfi_alloc_large.js 216
test_crash_win64cfi_alloc_small.js 216
test_crash_win64cfi_epilog.js 206
test_crash_win64cfi_infinite_code_chain.exe 0
test_crash_win64cfi_infinite_code_chain.js 897
test_crash_win64cfi_infinite_entry_chain.exe 0
test_crash_win64cfi_infinite_entry_chain.js 913
test_crash_win64cfi_invalid_exception_rva.exe 0
test_crash_win64cfi_invalid_exception_rva.js 874
test_crash_win64cfi_not_a_pe.exe 28
test_crash_win64cfi_not_a_pe.js 818
test_crash_win64cfi_push_nonvol.js 216
test_crash_win64cfi_save_nonvol.js 216
test_crash_win64cfi_save_nonvol_far.js 224
test_crash_win64cfi_save_xmm128.js 216
test_crash_win64cfi_save_xmm128_far.js 224
test_crash_win64cfi_unknown_op.js 566
test_crash_with_memory_report.js 1467
test_crashreporter.js 2787
test_crashreporter_appmem.js 358
test_crashreporter_crash.js 7010
test_event_files.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 1821
test_kill.js 1600
test_oom_annotation.js 2314
test_override_exception_handler.js 295
xpcshell-phc.ini 255
xpcshell.ini 4703