Name Description Size
CrashAnnotations.cpp 1066 2048
CrashAnnotations.yaml 26388
CrashReports.jsm 2596
CrashSubmit.jsm 18970
InjectCrashReporter.cpp 2632
InjectCrashReporter.h 632
LoadLibraryRemote.cpp 14414
LoadLibraryRemote.h Inject a library into a remote process. This injection has the following restrictions: - The DLL being injected must only depend on kernel32 and user32. - The entry point of the DLL is not run. If the DLL uses the CRT, it is the responsibility of the caller to make sure that _CRT_INIT is called. - There is no support for unloading a library once it has been loaded. - The symbol must be a named symbol and not an ordinal. 915
ThreadAnnotation.cpp On the Mac, exception handler callbacks are invoked in a context where all other threads are paused. As a result, attempting to acquire a mutex is problematic because 1) the mutex may be held by another thread which is now suspended and 2) acquiring an unheld mutex can trigger memory allocation which generally requires allocator locks. This class is a wrapper around a StaticMutex, providing an IsLocked() method which only makes sense to use in the Mac exception handling context when other threads are paused. 8552
ThreadAnnotation.h 648
breakpad-client 8
breakpad-patches Do not land local patches to Breakpad without the approval of 16
breakpad-windows-libxul 1
breakpad-windows-standalone 1
client 19
content 3
crashreporter.mozbuild 1023
docs 3 Ensure that the annotations have all the required fields 6302
google-breakpad # Breakpad 21
injector 2 436
mac_utils.h toolkit_breakpad_mac_utils_h__ 580 1049
minidump-analyzer 9 3720
mozwer 3
mozwer-rust 3
nsDummyExceptionHandler.cpp =false 7766
nsExceptionHandler.cpp 115202
nsExceptionHandler.h Returns true if the crash reporter is using the dummy implementation. 12916
nsExceptionHandlerUtils.cpp 1721
nsExceptionHandlerUtils.h 512
rust_minidump_writer_linux 4
test 11
tools 4 2949