Name Description Size
chromium # Overview 4
ChunkSet.cpp 6124
ChunkSet.h Store the chunk numbers as an array of ranges of uint32_t. We need chunk numbers in order to ask for incremental updates from the server. 2425
Classifier.cpp 57423
Classifier.h Maintains the stores and LookupCaches for the url classifier. 8810
components.conf 1052
docs 2
Entries.h 10385
HashStore.cpp 35828
HashStore.h 10414
IUrlClassifierUITelemetry.idl 2310
LookupCache.cpp 32396
LookupCache.h 9992
LookupCacheV4.cpp 17712
LookupCacheV4.h 2174 2427
nsCheckSummedOutputStream.cpp 2933
nsCheckSummedOutputStream.h 2798
nsIUrlClassifierDBService.idl The nsIUrlClassifierUpdateObserver interface is implemented by clients streaming updates to the url-classifier (usually nsUrlClassifierStreamUpdater. 8317
nsIUrlClassifierHashCompleter.idl This interface contains feilds in Matches object of FullHashResponse(V4). Reference from: 3497
nsIUrlClassifierInfo.idl nsIUrlClassifierPositiveCacheEntry Represents a positive cache entry. 2149
nsIUrlClassifierPrefixSet.idl 1238
nsIUrlClassifierStreamUpdater.idl This is a class to manage large table updates from the server. Rather than downloading the whole update and then updating the sqlite database, we update tables as the data is streaming in. 1912
nsIUrlClassifierUtils.idl Some utility methods used by the url classifier. 5438
nsIUrlListManager.idl Interface for a class that manages updates of the url classifier database. 3056
nsUrlClassifierDBService.cpp 81913
nsUrlClassifierDBService.h 9077
nsUrlClassifierInfo.cpp 2318
nsUrlClassifierInfo.h 1593
nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet.cpp 18532
nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet.h 3160
nsUrlClassifierProxies.cpp 9434
nsUrlClassifierProxies.h Thread proxy from the main thread to the worker thread. 11540
nsUrlClassifierStreamUpdater.cpp Clear out the update. 30012
nsUrlClassifierStreamUpdater.h 4386
nsUrlClassifierUtils.cpp 33701
nsUrlClassifierUtils.h 2446
ProtocolParser.cpp 34609
ProtocolParser.h Abstract base class for parsing update data in multiple formats. 7237
RiceDeltaDecoder.cpp 6978
RiceDeltaDecoder.h 1406
SafeBrowsing.jsm 15070
tests 6
UrlClassifierHashCompleter.jsm 28958
UrlClassifierLib.jsm Partially applies a function to a particular "this object" and zero or more arguments. The result is a new function with some arguments of the first function pre-filled and the value of |this| "pre-specified". Remaining arguments specified at call-time are appended to the pre- specified ones. Usage: var barMethBound = BindToObject(myFunction, myObj, "arg1", "arg2"); barMethBound("arg3", "arg4"); @param fn {string} Reference to the function to be bound @param self {object} Specifies the object which |this| should point to when the function is run. If the value is null or undefined, it will default to the global object. @returns {function} A partially-applied form of the speficied function. 7314
UrlClassifierListManager.jsm A ListManager keeps track of black and white lists and knows how to update them. @constructor 24613
UrlClassifierTelemetryUtils.cpp 3547
UrlClassifierTelemetryUtils.h 936
VariableLengthPrefixSet.cpp 15672
VariableLengthPrefixSet.h 2399