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PlacesTestUtils.jsm Asynchronously adds visits to a page. @param {*} aPlaceInfo A string URL, nsIURI, Window.URL object, info object (explained below), or an array of any of those. Info objects describe the visits to add more fully than URLs/URIs alone and look like this: { uri: href, URL or nsIURI of the page, [optional] transition: one of the TRANSITION_* from nsINavHistoryService, [optional] title: title of the page, [optional] visitDate: visit date, either in microseconds from the epoch or as a date object [optional] referrer: nsIURI of the referrer for this visit } @return {Promise} @resolves When all visits have been added successfully. @rejects JavaScript exception. 17268
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expiration 12
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gtest 6
head_common.js Shortcut to create a nsIURI. @param aSpec URLString of the uri. 30144
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maintenance 16
migration 23 2301
queries 33
sync 21
unifiedcomplete 27
unit 102
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