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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "mozIServicesLogSink.idl"
#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface mozIPlacesPendingOperation;
interface mozIStorageConnection;
interface nsIPropertyBag;
// A progress listener used to record telemetry.
[scriptable, uuid(6239ffe3-6ffd-49ac-8b1d-958407395bf9)]
interface mozISyncedBookmarksMirrorProgressListener : nsISupports {
// Called after the merger fetches the local tree from Places, with the time
// taken to build the tree, number of items in the tree, and a map of
// structure problem counts for validation telemetry.
void onFetchLocalTree(in long long took, in long long itemCount,
in long long deletedCount, in nsIPropertyBag problems);
// Called after the merger builds the remote tree from the mirror database.
void onFetchRemoteTree(in long long took, in long long itemCount,
in long long deletedCount, in nsIPropertyBag problems);
// Called after the merger builds the merged tree, including structure change
// counts for event telemetry.
void onMerge(in long long took, in nsIPropertyBag counts);
// Called after the merger finishes applying the merged tree to Places and
// staging outgoing items.
void onApply(in long long took);
// A callback called when the merge finishes.
[scriptable, uuid(d23fdfea-92c8-409d-a516-08ae395d578f)]
interface mozISyncedBookmarksMirrorCallback : nsISupports {
void handleSuccess(in bool result);
void handleError(in nsresult code, in AString message);
[scriptable, uuid(37485984-a6ab-46e3-9b0c-e8b613413ef3)]
interface mozISyncedBookmarksMirrorLogger : nsISupports {
const short LEVEL_OFF = 0;
const short LEVEL_ERROR = 1;
const short LEVEL_WARN = 2;
const short LEVEL_DEBUG = 3;
const short LEVEL_TRACE = 4;
attribute short maxLevel;
void error(in AString message);
void warn(in AString message);
void debug(in AString message);
void trace(in AString message);
[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(f0a6217d-8344-4e68-9995-bbf5554be86e)]
interface mozISyncedBookmarksMerger : nsISupports {
// Synced item kinds. These are stored in the mirror database.
const short KIND_BOOKMARK = 1;
const short KIND_QUERY = 2;
const short KIND_FOLDER = 3;
const short KIND_LIVEMARK = 4;
const short KIND_SEPARATOR = 5;
// Synced item validity states. These are also stored in the mirror
// database. `REUPLOAD` means a remote item can be fixed up and applied,
// and should be reuploaded. `REPLACE` means a remote item isn't valid
// at all, and should either be replaced with a valid local copy, or deleted
// if a valid local copy doesn't exist.
const short VALIDITY_VALID = 1;
const short VALIDITY_REUPLOAD = 2;
const short VALIDITY_REPLACE = 3;
// The mirror database connection to use for merging. The merge runs on the
// connection's async thread, to avoid blocking the main thread. The
// connection must be open, and the database schema, temp tables, and
// triggers must be set up before calling `merge`.
attribute mozIStorageConnection db;
// Optional; used for logging.
attribute mozIServicesLogSink logger;
// Merges the local and remote bookmark trees, applies the merged tree to
// Places, and stages locally changed and reconciled items for upload. When
// the merge finishes, either `callback.handleSuccess` or
// `callback.handleError` are called. If `callback` also implements
// `mozISyncedBookmarksMergerProgressListener`, the merger reports progress
// after each step. Returns an object with a `cancel` method that can be used
// to interrupt the merge.
mozIPlacesPendingOperation merge(
in long long localTimeSeconds,
in long long remoteTimeSeconds,
in mozISyncedBookmarksMirrorCallback callback
// Resets the database connection and logger. This does _not_ automatically
// close the database connection.
void reset();