Name Description Size
maintenanceservice.cpp Obtains the base path where logs should be stored @param path The out buffer for the backup log path of size MAX_PATH + 1 @return TRUE if successful. 12066
maintenanceservice.exe.manifest 1007
maintenanceservice.h 684
maintenanceservice.rc 1734 331 1379
resource.h 606
servicebase.cpp Verifies if 2 files are byte for byte equivalent. @param file1Path The first file to verify. @param file2Path The second file to verify. @param sameContent Out parameter, TRUE if the files are equal @return TRUE If there was no error checking the files. 2511
servicebase.h 1017
serviceinstall.cpp A wrapper function to read strings for the maintenance service. @param path The path of the ini file to read from @param results The maintenance service strings that were read @return OK on success 28603
serviceinstall.h 706
workmonitor.cpp Reads the secure update status file and sets isApplying to true if the status is set to applying. @param patchDirPath The update patch directory path @param isApplying Out parameter for specifying if the status is set to applying or not. @return TRUE if the information was filled. 29557
workmonitor.h 258