Name Description Size
ExtensionAlarms.cpp static 1693
ExtensionAlarms.h 2036 2067 2302 1357
ExtensionAPIAddRemoveListener.h 1359
ExtensionAPIBase.cpp 12892
ExtensionAPIBase.h 7943
ExtensionAPICallAsyncFunction.h 1188
ExtensionAPICallFunctionNoReturn.h 1216
ExtensionAPICallSyncFunction.h 1174
ExtensionAPIGetProperty.h 1142
ExtensionAPIRequest.cpp 7556
ExtensionAPIRequest.h 4002
ExtensionAPIRequestForwarder.cpp static 23367
ExtensionAPIRequestForwarder.h This runnable is used internally by ExtensionAPIRequestForwader class to call the JS privileged code that handle the API requests originated from the WebIDL bindings instantiated in a worker thread. The runnable is meant to block the worker thread until we get a result from the JS privileged code that handles the API request. For async API calls we still need to block the worker thread until we get a promise (which we link to the worker thread promise and at that point we unblock the worker thread), because the JS privileged code handling the API request may need to throw some errors synchonously (e.g. in case of additional validations based on the API schema definition for the parameter, like strings that has to pass additional validation or normalizations). 9521
ExtensionBrowser.cpp 11936
ExtensionBrowser.h 6114
ExtensionBrowserSettings.cpp static 4753
ExtensionBrowserSettings.h 4072
ExtensionBrowserSettingsColorManagement.cpp static 2348
ExtensionBrowserSettingsColorManagement.h 2424
ExtensionDns.cpp static 1405
ExtensionDns.h 1874
ExtensionEventListener.cpp 24487
ExtensionEventListener.h 8226
ExtensionEventManager.cpp 5121
ExtensionEventManager.h 3273
ExtensionMockAPI.cpp static 2125
ExtensionMockAPI.h 2283
ExtensionPort.cpp 3714
ExtensionPort.h 2963
ExtensionProxy.cpp static 1863
ExtensionProxy.h 2169
ExtensionRuntime.cpp static 2569
ExtensionRuntime.h 2758
ExtensionScripting.cpp static 1535
ExtensionScripting.h 1982
ExtensionSetting.cpp static 1696
ExtensionSetting.h 2092
ExtensionTest.cpp static 20167
ExtensionTest.h 3630
ExtensionWebIDL.conf 4038 The following documentation page provides more in depth details of the next steps: 61215 5543 2396