Name Description Size
BackgroundTask_automaticrestart.sys.mjs 2336
BackgroundTask_backgroundtask_specific_pref.sys.mjs 1071
BackgroundTask_crash.sys.mjs 1879
BackgroundTask_file_exists.sys.mjs Return 0 (success) if the given absolute file path exists, 11 (failure) otherwise. 902
BackgroundTask_jsdebugger.sys.mjs This task is intended to be interrupted by the JS debugger in tests. This task exposes its `exitCode` so that in the future the JS debugger can change its exit code dynamically from a failing exit code to exit code 0. 759
BackgroundTask_localization.sys.mjs Return 0 (success) if in the given resource file, the given string identifier has the given string value, 11 (failure) otherwise. 1037
BackgroundTask_minruntime.sys.mjs 514
BackgroundTask_no_output.sys.mjs 641
BackgroundTask_not_ephemeral_profile.sys.mjs 685
BackgroundTask_policies.sys.mjs 1019
BackgroundTask_profile_is_slim.sys.mjs 1006
BackgroundTask_shouldnotprocessupdates.sys.mjs 655
BackgroundTask_shouldprocessupdates.sys.mjs 906
BackgroundTask_targeting.sys.mjs Return 0 (success) if all targeting getters succeed, 11 (failure) otherwise. 1708
BackgroundTask_timeout.sys.mjs 763
BackgroundTask_unique_profile.sys.mjs 1802
BackgroundTask_update_sync_manager.sys.mjs 836
BackgroundTask_wait.sys.mjs 616