Name Description Size
BackgroundTask_exception.sys.mjs 382
BackgroundTask_failure.sys.mjs 365
BackgroundTask_message.sys.mjs 11185
BackgroundTask_removeDirectory.sys.mjs @param {string} metricsId 10448
BackgroundTask_success.sys.mjs 465
BackgroundTasks.cpp aRecursive 16845
BackgroundTasks.h Return a raw pointer to the singleton instance. Use this accessor in C++ code that just wants to call a method on the instance, but does not need to hold a reference. 4037
BackgroundTasksManager.sys.mjs Find an ES module named like `backgroundtasks/BackgroundTask_${name}.sys.mjs`, import it, and return the whole module. When testing, allow to load from `XPCSHELL_TESTING_MODULES_URI`, which is registered at `resource://testing-common`, the standard location for test-only modules. @return {Object} The imported module. @throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if a background task with the given `name` is not found. 11013
BackgroundTasksRunner.cpp 3331
BackgroundTasksRunner.h 800
BackgroundTasksTestUtils.sys.mjs Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 4370
BackgroundTasksUtils.sys.mjs Locks the given profile and provides the path to it to the callback. The callback should return a promise and once settled the profile is unlocked and then the promise returned back to the caller of this function. @template T @param {(lock: nsIProfileLock) => Promise<T>} callback @param {nsIToolkitProfile} [profile] defaults to default profile @return {Promise<T>} 13593
components.conf 1194
dbg-actors.js globals require, exports 1264
metrics.yaml 2401 2858
nsIBackgroundTasks.idl Determine if this instance is running background task mode and what, if any, task is active. 1024
nsIBackgroundTasksManager.idl Import and run named backgroundtask implementations. 1002
nsIBackgroundTasksRunner.idl Runs a background process in an independent detached process. Any process opened by this function can outlive the main process. This function is thread-safe. XXX: The use of base::LaunchApp can make a zombie process on Unix. See bug 1802559. @param aTaskName The name of the background task. (BackgroundTask_{name}.sys.mjs) @param aArgs The arguments that will be passed to the task process. Any needed escape will happen automatically. 1717
pings.yaml 744